Big Brother USA 8 S01E03

Dick has a talk with Kail about his other child. Kail finds his exterior doesn’t match his soft interior; she likes him. Last episode, Kail nominated Amber and Carole for performing the least well in the HoH competition. Kail formed an alliance with the young boys, Nick, Zach and Mike. She keeps tensing her verbs wrong, say was for the plural were and is for the plural are. She also says “scotch free” instead of “scott free”. It appears that she isn’t that educated. Maybe she is just a trophy wife of some rich real estate magnate.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Nick is flirting with all of the girls and Jen tells the others that he tried to make out with her. Joe tells Nick and he confronts Jen. She is caught in a lie. Nick pretends that everything is OK and talks with Amber, Dick and Joe about Jen. They all dislike her and her stupid T-shirts, with messages like Jenuine, Jenth Degree, Jenius, Jensa Member etc.

Nick likes to flirt with Danielle and Amber. Amber tells him that she is a nympho.

Amber asks Kail what she will do if one of them wins the veto. Amber suggests Jen. Last time, Jen started to cry when BB revealed the HM’s pictures. She found that her picture looked so bad. It wasn’t that bad, she’s just a crybaby.

It’s time for the veto competition. Kail, Amber, Carole, Nick, Jameka, and Danielle participate. The other HM are in the HoH room. It’s a hide and seek veto. The HM have to hide their veto signs.

Dick confronts Jen about being a bitch to him. He can’t stand her. He tells her how pissed off he was.

The players, especially Kail, ransacked the BBUS house. Danielle won the power of veto. Amber wants Danielle to use the power of veto to take Amber off. Then, Kail would nominate Jen.

Eric gets his first assignment as America’s Player. He has to make up a tragic story of his past and tell it to Kail. He grabs Kail. He puts Visine into his eyes. He tells a BS story about a girlfriend with an eating disorder. Kail buys it. He completes his task.

Dustin and Joe are talking. They are talking about their past relationship. Dustin uses the word copasetic to describe the resolution that they could reach between them. Danielle decides not to use the power of veto. She chose wisely, because Kail wouldn’t have taken it well.

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Big Brother USA 8 S01E01

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