Big Brother USA 8 S01E04

Amber thinks that she is safe. Carole and Carole are talking about the votes. Carole wants to stay. Carole’s line is “I don’t know how to get votes or campaign in this house!”. This comes from a Senator’s daughter. She asks Joe to campaign for her to Zach. Zach is part of the major alliance in the house with Kail.

Jen walks into the HoH room and all of the boys leave.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Votes to evict by the HM:
Dustin: Carole
Joe: Carole
Jen: Amber
Nick: Carole
Jameka: Carole
Zach: Carole
Danielle: Carole
Dick: Carole
Mike: Carole
Jessica: Carole
Eric: Carole

The reason why Danielle isn’t talking to Dick is because she borrowed money from him and didn’t pay it back. Dick didn’t handle the situation well. Dick became a father at the age of 22. She hasn’t talked with him since this happened.

Carole is evicted by a vote of 10-1.

Surprisingly, Jen wins HoH.

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