Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 85 & Eviction

Billy won FNL and took Travis to the rewards room. They are enjoying their food while the other HM receive some surprise food supplies from BB. Zach hides the ginger from Daniela, because he doesn’t want any ginger in his food.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

It’s the fourth day that the HM are without water. They get an extra bucket to wash off. In the rewards room, Billy and Travis are talking about Zach. They find that he whinges a bit too much. They talk about Zoran and both agree that they have difficulty with him at times. He doesn’t chip in enough. They talk about the nominations that they made and Travis is a bit surprised to learn that Billy nominated him. But he takes it well because Billy is honest. Billy nominated Travis for strategic reasons.

Daniela says that she will give up her assistant role to Zoran. She normally assists Zach when they prepare food.

Travis cried in the diary room because it was his son’s third birthday. HM are unaware that a special guest is on his way into the house. Kyle Sandilands is on his way in for a special mission. BB wants the HM to stop holding back. His challenge is to challenge the HM. His cover story is that he is here to judge their performance. His real mission is to judge the HM themselves.

The HM are called to the lounge. Kyle is from the Australian Idol broadcast. The HM find the video hilarious. Kyle finds the video pretty bad. He gives them 50 cents of the $50000AU of this week’s prize money. After that, he walks into the house.

Kyle questions the HM on their relationships. He wonders about Aleisha and Billy especially. Kyle gets to go with Travis to the BB shop. Kyle continues to quiz Billy and Aleisha about their relationship. Zoran adds that he almost asked Billy if he actually liked Aleisha.

Later, Aleisha confesses to Billy that she is getting pumped by Kyle. Billy and Aleisha are talking together about their relationship. It becomes a game a he said she said. She asks him about Zoran.

Kyle comes to the shop with Travis. Unbeknownst to the HM, Kyle was asked by BB to leave the meat behind. Kyle is called to the diary room. Kyle tells BB that if he hadn’t interfered with the shopping, he would have been able to smuggle the meat away. Kyle is getting disrespectful with BB. BB treats him like a HM, but he won’t have it.

Kyle tells BB that he either lets him out or he will smash his way out. He takes the microphone and gets out of the diary room. He says that he isn’t one of the peasants (his word of the HM). BB comes back with asking if there was anything else.

The HM get a party to celebrate their guest in the BBAU house. The HM see the footage of Billy being given his secret mission. Zach is happy to see this, because he cried the way that Billy acted last week. Kyle wants to see Travis in the corset. Travis puts it on.

Daniela and Zoran are talking about their relationship. She said that if she didn’t have a boyfriend, she would try to get it on in a way with Zoran. Kyle has got a migraine so he has to leave. He goes to the rewards room. Later, Daniela is trying to pull Zoran into her bed.

Day 85 Eviction

The HM will choose who to evict.

Joel saved Travis and nominated Aleisha. The HM are informed of this. BB calls Aleisha to the diary room. She is asked to take her bags with her.

Aleisha: 2pts Daniela, 1p Zach
Zach: 2pts Daniela, 1pt Billy
Daniela: 2pts Billy, 1pt Aleisha
Billy: 2pts Daniela, 1pt Zach
Zoran: 2pts Daniela, 1pt Billy
Travis: 2pts Daniela, 1pt Zach
Joel: 2pts Daniela, 1pt Zach

The HM come back to the living room. The next evictee is Daniela. Daniela got 12 vote, Zach and Billy got 4 and Aleisha got 1.

Why, but briefly?
BB to Travis

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