Big Brother UK 8 Day 47

The HM are discussing the fact that Charley said that there were banners saying they love Charley. Gerry tells Chanelle that it wasn’t true. Chanelle is pissed at Ziggy for saying that he wants to go out for a drink with Charley. She is just being bitchy.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The HM were forced to do aerobics.

Carole is playing games with the boys. She tells Brian that he is needed in the diary room when he wasn’t called by BB. Carole is playing more pranks.

Ziggy is having a frank discussion about Chanelle with Charley.

Dermot interviews Mike Goldman from BBAU. He tells him how it is in Australia. For the readers, just check out the posts of BBAU on this blog. In fact, I plan to do a comparison between the different English language editions of BB, including BBUSA, BBUK and BBAU.

On Friday Night

The HM have just heard Charley leave the BBUK house, but they don’t hear any noises from the crowd. They think that Charley has gone somewhere else.

They sit down in the living room to see Charley’s exit interview. The HM see Charley’s nominations.

Charley plays up the way it was outside and lies her little heart out. She mentions banners saying that the crowd loves Charley. At no point during the interview did Davina talk to Charley, except to relay the questions from BB. Charley lies about Davina and what happened.

Carole comes to the diary room and is happy about the situation. She finds Chanelle expression on her face really funny, because she looks gutted that Charley is back. Liam looked a bit embarrassed.

Ziggy is talking about his situation with Chanelle with Gerry, Carole and Tracey.

Chanelle is in the diary room crying and moaning because he asked Charley for a drink when she was on the way out. She is a total disaster that girl. She finds her own voice very annoying. She tries different voices.

Charley is in the diary room and she is very happy because she is in the BBUK house.

Liam, Gerry, Carole and Samanda are talking about the footage they saw during Charley’s interview. Ziggy and Chanelle are in the toilet.

Charley continues lying about the crowd and the reaction that she got from everyone outside of the house. Gerry and Brian are talking in the smoking area. Ziggy is in the diary room. Ziggy is embarrassed about the way that he dresses in the house. He tells BB that Chanelle took it the wrong way when he told Charley to go out for a drink. He meant it in the way at the end of the series with other people, not out on a date.

Charley is talking to Chanelle, Gerry and Carole. Gerry wants to know if she learned anything. Charley tells Chanelle that she doesn’t want her to be uncomfortable around her.

On Saturday

The HM have to participate in an aerobics class. They get music and encouragement from BB. Charley poses while she exercises and pouts.

Carole shares the women’s plan about revenge week. At different turns, they will tell the men that they are called into the diary room. The women have hidden shoes from all of the male HM. Brian freaks out in the diary room. I can barely understand him. He tells BB that they are driving him mental.

The HM hear sounds from outside. All of the HM are called back inside because of the chants. Brian is talking to Charley about the HM reactions to seeing Charley on the screen and themselves.

Ziggy and Liam are talking about how parts of yesterday could be fake or made-up. Liam thinks that people don’t like her. Ziggy doubts the parts of the posters and the chants that Charley told the HM.

All of the HM are in the garden enjoying a BBQ that BB provided. Zigs said that he lost his virginity at school, with the headmaster’s daughter at his boarding school.

Gerry is in the diary room talking about Charley. He says that it is imperative that she be kept happy. He also says that she has seen what awaits her on the outside. The twins, Brian, Tracey and Nicky are part of her support group now. Gerry wonders if she will change in the long term because of what she saw of her behavior.

Carole is in the bathroom hiding Liam’s flip-flop. Charley is talking to the HM are she is telling that Chanelle doesn’t look anything like Victoria Beckham. Gerry pulls Charley’s leg about her constant name-dropping.

Charley and Ziggy are talking about Chanelle. She tries to explain to Ziggy how he should behave with Chanelle. She tells him how to interpret Chanelle’s actions and words.

Chanelle wants to talk with Ziggy in private. He is being a bit reticent. She wants to be able to talk to Ziggy. In the bedroom, Brian, Gerry and Charley are talking about opera. Zigs and Chanelle are talking about Charley. He tries to explain to her that there is a different side to Charley, that Chanelle doesn’t see because she hates her.

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