Big Brother UK 8 Day 48

The HM nominated this are Gerry and Nicky. The female HM have been playing tricks with the male HM; making them go to the diary room, hiding their shoes, and pulling off their blankets during the night.

The boys plan to get the women as payback.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Brian decides to cut his own hair and cuts his scalp. It bleeds a bit.

The HM have to do a performance. Charley has been cast as the clown and isn’t happy. Brian was chosen as the party musician. He has to be a one man band. It’s not working out that well.

Yesterday, BB set the time on the oven. It will be the first time that the HM will know what tie it is. Carole is in the living room talking about sleeping.

Nicky is having an argument with Gerry about the time and if to tell it to everyone. Nicky and a few other HM don’t want to know the time, but Gerry wants to tell everyone the time. Nicky decides to tell him that the diary room wants him.

Some of the male HM have decided to do the nominations naked.

Ziggy has a conversation with Nicky about how they don’t get along very well. It’s a stupid conversation to have on nomination day. He tried awkwardly to clear the air between them but it worked against them.

Amanda: Carole and Tracey
Brian: Gerry and Tracey
Carole: Nicky and Chanelle
Chanelle: Charley
Charley: Gerry and Ziggy
Gerry: Nicky and Charley
Liam: Charley and Nicky
Nicky: Ziggy and Gerry
Sam: Carole and Tracey
Tracey: Gerry and Ziggy
Ziggy: Nicky

Incredibly, Gerry and Nicky are nominated while Charley just sneaked by. If Ziggy and Chanelle hadn’t spoken about nominations, Charley would be up as well.

Chanelle is being told by BB for talking about nominations. She will not nominate 2 HM, only 1 HM. She tells Zach and that means he will get punished again.

Charley is pissed off at Liam for nominating her last week. She is complaining to Brian about this, while she pouts a bit in the mirror.

I can’t believe that I’m a thirty year old man with a bear between my bollocks.
Gerry to BB.

Gerry is having a conversation with the creepy crawlies. Charley is pouting in the bathroom while Ziggy is brushing his teeth and talking that he is his own person. They are flirting a bit.

Nicky is asleep in the caravan. The rest of the HM are in the bedroom. The women get up and pull the blankies off the boys. It doesn’t work with Brian, Liam and Gerry. Brian gets drenched by water. There is a water fight in the living room. Tracey, Charley, Samanda and Carole get thrown into the pool.

Carole is whining about the water everywhere.

My name is Charley, I’m so strong, so you have got to bring it on!
Charley to Brian.

The girls pull off Brian’s towel and he is running around naked.

Later, Charley is complaining about something. Nicky is still sleeping in the caravan. Carole is mopping up the water in the living room. Brian is complaining about the fight to BB. He is annoyed because he fancies Amanda and she doesn’t fancy him.

I thought it was Waterworld part 2, it’s out of order!
Brian to BB.

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