Big Brother UK 8 Day 49

Gerry is looking for his shoes. He asks the girls, but they deny knowing anything about it.

It’s BB’s birthday and he is making the HM dance the Agga-doo (a well known Compagnie Créole song) a lot of times during his party. It was almost 30 times.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Tracey is in the shower. Ziggy and Carole are in the kitchen. He has to tell Carole about his punishment. Will he get punished again for talking about nominations with Carole? Chanelle tried to find out who Ziggy nominated. When he wouldn’t say, she gathered that it wasn’t the person that she wanted nominated. Which was true, but she lost her temper because of it.

Brian gives himself a haircut and cuts himself with the clipper.

Chanelle is worried about how she is portrayed on TV. She says that everyone outside loves Charley. Liam and Carole tell her that it isn’t true. Charley is lying and pretending.

BB gathers the HM for the weekly shopping task. The HM are informed about BB’s party and that only 5 HM will be invited. Carole says Nicky and Samanda should go to the party. Since Gerry and Ziggy didn’t have anything in the house and Liam got 100000£, they should go to the party as well. Charley complains that she didn’t get any champagne at her party.

The other HM will have to provide the entertainment for the party. Charley doesn’t want to be a clown. Liam volunteers as the magician. Tracey wants to be a clown. Charley picks cigarette butts out of the trashcan and smoked them. Chanelle is the magician’s assistant. Charley starts an argument.

The HM are making fun of her so-called “It-girl” status. Charley is pissed off. It’s funny because she is so stupid. While she is complaining in the diary room, Liam and Ziggy talk about arguing with Charley. They think that it doesn’t really work. They have to endure and not say too much, otherwise they might say something really hurtful to Charley, and she might cry.

Samanda are trying to do something to take their minds off something, most probably the depressing arguing that always is going on. Brian is in the diary room trying to learn to be a one-man band. It won’t work too well for him, since he can’t play the guitar.

Samanda take the shaving cream and plan on putting it on Liam. They aren’t successful and Ziggy takes the shaving cream and puts it on their faces. Meanwhile Carole is taking the fun out of the fun. Samanda chase Ziggy. Carole keeps moaning about not going into the pool. She tells them off. Charley is smirking in her bed. Carole calls them all imbeciles.

Ziggy is pissed off at Carole because last night she had a water fight and now she is nagging him and the twins. Ziggy is trying to talk. She keeps talking over them.

Carole starts telling off the twins.

BB has a conversation with Brian. Brian asks BB what’s the matter. BB is antsy about his age.

Later, Carole is practicing her party act. Sam is in the diary room complaining about Carole and her double standards.

Chanelle and Ziggy are talking about Charley. Ziggy is telling Chanelle that he doesn’t feel the same way about Charley. He doesn’t hate her whereas Chanelle hates Charley. Ziggy wants to get out of the argument. They are really shouting. She is really stupid and emotional. She is totally freaking out. Is it the hormones? No, because she has been like this for a while.

Nicky is telling Chanelle it is her choice to either try and make her relationship with Ziggy work or just not. Nicky is manipulating Chanelle into no longer liking Ziggy.

Gerry and Ziggy are talking about Chanelle and Ziggy. Their relationship isn’t working.

Gerry is acting a bit smug at being nominated for eviction. Nicky is talking with Tracey. She is talking about nominations again and she will get punished again.

Liam is happy that Nicky is nominated, because if she goes it will be good. Charley is talking with Ziggy about Chanelle. Ziggy says that he doesn’t want to talk about it with anyone because no one knows what is really going on. Charley is showing her bum to the camera.

Charley and Tracey are practicing their clown skills in the practice room. Brian, Ziggy and Gerry are in the bedroom. Ziggy goes to apologize to Chanelle in the bathroom.

Samanda have been making a cake for BB. Liam and Chanelle are learning party tricks in the practice room.

Gerry is talking to Ziggy about nominations. Ziggy mentions that he only had 1 nomination, the same as Chanelle. Brian goes to the garden. He is pacing.

He’s a Billy-no-mates!
Audience member of BBBM about Ziggy.

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