Big Brother USA 8 S01E05

Jen talks with Amber about her vote. In fact, Jen looks a bit stupid. Jen is HoH and all of the HM are shocked. They can’t believe it. Kail is happy that Jen won. Joe is upset.

Dick thinks that he will get nominated. Danielle thinks she will be nominated as well because she hangs out with Nick more.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The guys play a drinking game. Each time that Jen says “I”, they have to drink of their beverage. She talks a lot about herself. Jen is upset because she didn’t get any recent pictures of herself. She complains and moans about them; in the diary room and to the other HM. She took down a picture of herself and her mom.

Joe wants Jen to nominate Dustin and maybe Jessica.

Mike and Nick have started lifting weights together. Zach and Dustin make fun of them. They invent personas for them, Kragnus and Magnus. Nick finds it annoying. They cracked them up so much that they had to stop.

Nick and Danielle are still flirting heavily. Kail counsels Jen on nominations. She tells her to nominate people who will come after her. Jen wants to put guys up instead of putting up girls.

It’s time for the food competition. The HM split into two teams and Joe goes with the girls. The other team is composed of only boys. They have to name the ingredients of pies. The boys won the game.

Eric, as America’s Player, is tasked to find a way to nominate Jessica. He goes to talk to Jen. He plants some seeds of doubted.

Jen talks with Nick about his flirtatious behavior with Danielle. She is insanely jealous about him. She finds that he hangs out too much with Danielle.

Mike and Dick are sleeping and Jen comes into the room. She wakes them up. Mike leaves the room. Dick leaves shortly after. She wakes them up by talking very loudly about herself.

He confronts Jen. He calls her bitch a few times and tells her to put her head out of her asshole. He tells her to think about other people. Jen just laughs it off like an idiot. Dick is probably up for nomination this week.

She nominated Danielle and Dick. She makes up some reasons about sarcasm. She is just jealous of Danielle.

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