Big Brother UK 8 Day 50

BB continued partying after locking the HM in the bedroom last night. He made a mess in the living room. Only the 5 HM who went to this party could clean. After trying to clean a few times, Carole is punished by wearing boxing gloves to stop her from cleaning.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
It’s BB’s birthday and he wakes the HM with a birthday song. The HM bake him a cake and sing him a song in the diary room. The 5 selected HM, Liam, Samanda, Ziggy, Gerry and Nicky, get some party clothes and go to the party room. The partygoers have to stay at the party until further notice.

The partygoers have been musical statues for 22 minutes. Later, Nicky is finding ways of arguing with Gerry.

Ziggy has a bone to pick with Nicky and her malicious tone. He starts to argue with her. He calls her sly.

Chanelle is using Brian’s guitar to sing a bit. It’s pretty bad.

The party entertainers are getting some booze.

Liam and Carole are talking about Brian. Brian has extreme highs and extreme lows. Carole says that he spends time alone to work off the anxiety that builds up, because he takes it all in, everything that happens in the house.

Nicky and Gerry have made up, because he is taking some perspective on the situation. Nicky is taking it the right way and is a lot calmer.

The partygoers have been in the party room for 7 hours.

Charley is having an argument with Brian about Emily. He says that he doesn’t want to live with her. Charley is trying to talk over Brian and not letting him have an opinion. Brian is telling Charley that she is being rude. Brian looses his cool and starts screaming at her at full volume. She tells him that he is pathetic. He calls her a clown. Brian is totally worked out. Charley is adding fuel to the fire. She tells Brian that he needs anger management therapy. He tells her she is totally crazy.

She is being patronizing and sarcastic. He calls her a cow and a bitch. He goes into the garden and kicks a few things around. He calls her a freak. It’s a wonder that Charley doesn’t get slapped around. Chanelle and Liam can’t believe that it’s still going on. They start arguing again.

Brian goes to the diary room. He is getting ready to do his bit. He isn’t happy with Charley. He starts to cry. He thought that Charley was his friend.

Brian incurred a fail and the clowns have gotten a fail as well. However, they could have up to 3 fails, so they pass the task. BB locks the HM in the bedroom and continues partying.

Ziggy and Chanelle are back together; they were making out in the shower.

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