Big Brother UK 8 Day 51

Gerry is praying to a holy rat in the garden. Has he lost his marbles?

Brian admits to fancying Amanda in front of all of the HM. Chanelle and Ziggy are back together again.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

It’s the day after BB’s birthday and the house is a mess after BB had a party by himself without the HM. The HM who went to the party will have to clean up.

The whole house is a mess; from the bathrooms to the garden. There is even some puke around. Nicky and Charley lay their butts out to dry. Carole is complaining about cleaning. She and Tracey want to start, but she is called to the diary room. She is told that she can’t clean. None of the party entertainers can, only the party goers.

Carole isn’t allowed to clean up. She tells the news to the HM. Charley is happy about it and lays down in the caravan for a nap.

Gerry is complaining about it. Later, the HM have started cleaning. They are wearing protective gear. BB makes Carole wear boxing gloves to stop her from cleaning.

Gerry is talking to Ziggy about Nicky. He said that he saw another side of her last night. She is a girl that has been through a lot of stress recently.

Carole, Ziggy and Samanda are at the kitchen making up this week’s shopping list. Gerry is talking about Charley, Nicky and Tracey’s alliance in the house. He thinks that this will break down if Nicky is evicted this week.

Charley is talking about her fake eviction to Nicky and Liam. Liam leaves and Charley talks like she resents him for winning 100 grand.

Charley refuses to clean the table because she isn’t that kind of girl. Carole asks her to put away some condiments. She was actually joking. That is what she says, but was she, really? She said something about being a South London It girl, whatever that means for her.

Liam asks who will go out with celebrities. Everyone answers Charley. Nicky is called to the diary room for a secret mission. If she is successful, the HM will get a take-out meal. She has to perform a 2 minute stand-up routine written by herself for the HM. The HM can’t find out, otherwise she will fail.

Nicky calls all of the HM together in the garden. She has to beg and drag Gerry out of bed. She starts telling jokes. Brian is totally confused. It isn’t very funny and there is a lot swearing. It’s some joke about an ostrich. Charley leaves and the other HM call her back.

Brian he says that he has heard it before and it was told a lot faster. She tells the other HM to laugh at her jokes. Ziggy doesn’t know what is going on either.

Nicky goes back to the diary room and she is informed because she made some HM laugh she passed the task.

In the garden, the HM hear people screaming outside of the house. The HM hear a chant of “Get Charley Out”. Charley goes on about how 50000 people loving her during her fake eviction.

Chanelle is complaining about the shit that is coming out of Charley’s mouth.

Later, Charley is still going on about what she heard in the garden and what happened during her fake eviction. Brian thinks that she is a nightmare.

Brian goes to the diary room and regrets nominating Gerry. He really likes him and does no longer trust nor like Charley. Brian thinks that Charley has an over-inflated ego. He talks with Gerry in the bedroom about Charley’s attitude. She walks in while they are talking about her and continue.Ziggy and Chanelle are in the shower making-out. Charley is talking to Liam about her personality. He says that she has an A type personality. Nicky and Brian are talking about Charley.

BB has called Gerry to the diary room. He has to answer a quiz about Greece. That is what he thinks that the quiz is about but in reality the quiz is about grease.

Nicky is drying her bum in the bathroom and sings the big butt song. Liam and Carole are talking about his past with women and that he has been with more than one woman at the same time.

Zigs is talking about him and Chanelle. Gerry is telling Zigs that he will be next if he is evicted. Liam, Nicky, Tracey and Charley are talking at the smoking area. Liam tells Charley that she told him that she didn’t fancy footballers anymore, but men from BB. Liam is playing with the boxing gloves.

Chanelle is in the diary room complaining about Charley. She says that she likes Zigs again.

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