Big Brother UK 8 Day 52 Eviction

Nicky is the next evicted HM and she can’t believe it. She thought that she was staying in the house. She is having a bit of a cry because of all of the boos she heard from the crowd. Nicky got 76% of the vote.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

My wife told me that there was a scandal in the British papers because Charley is signed to Davina’s agent and that they are trying to promote her.

Carole is having a conversation with Gerry. Charley butts into their conversation and gets told off by Carole. She starts arguing.

The next time Davina talks with the house, the crows chants “Get Charley Out”.

Nicky is greeted by a chorus of boos when she gets out. She is shocked and swears a bit. She thinks that Liam, Ziggy, Chanelle and Carole nominated her. Nicky sees the footage of the nominations. She sees that Gerry nominated her as well. Nicky says that she is fine.

The first person she mentioned about nominations is Liam. Davina tells her that she told Liam that she said “Marry Me” to him. She doesn’t believe that.

She sees the VT, it starts off with her saying that “Love is for loosers”. We see the footage when she says “Marry Me” about Liam when she talks to Chanelle.

Davina is trying to make Nicky feel better about herself and the way she felt in the house.

She is shown footage about her moody sneakiness. She retracts her statement about Samanda.

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