Big Brother UK 8 Day 52

It’s Liam’s birthday and gets a little present from his HM.

The HM were asked to act out a little puppet scene. Chanelle’s was seriously funny. It involved Ziggy, herself and a mean old lady called Charley.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I would lick your face, but I’m married!
Davina to Dermot.

The HM will be asked a question by themselves, which was recorded before they enter the house.

Ziggy is embarrassed about his question. He retreats to the bedroom. Later, he goes to the diary room. He is still embarrassed and he got dirty looks from Nicky and Carole. Chanelle is in the diary room saying how funny it was when she saw Ziggy’s reaction to his question.

Ziggy, did you think she enjoyed it as much as you did?
This was Zigs question.

Samanda are complaining because the boys hid their hair serum. Gerry has stolen Amanda’s hair extensions because the girls have stolen Freddie, his monkey. He chases them and manages to catch them. Amanda is complaining about how she was chased by Gerry. He got a bit too violent. He talks with Amanda. He tells her that they stole Freddie and put shaving cream all over him before he took the extensions. Amanda thinks that it is too hard to take revenge on boys.

Gerry has an argument with Tracey because she accuses him of being spiteful. In fact, Charley said it, not Samanda. Gerry gets Amanda and confirms that she didn’t say that about Gerry. She says that she doesn’t even know the word.

Nicky and Brian are talking in the caravan talking about the upcoming eviction. Nicky is terrified about getting evicted.

Liam and Brian are talking about birthdays.

Ziggy, Charley and Tracey are talking about the clubs that they go to on the outside. In the garden, Liam is having a chat with Samanda. He asks them if they would go on a hot date with Brian. Sam says no and shushes Amanda up so that she doesn’t reveal that actually, Amanda doesn’t mind Brian. They ask him about Charley. He says that Charley isn’t his kind of lass. He talks about the argument that Charley had with Brian.

Carole is being given the opportunity to put off her boxing gloves if she successfully threads a needle with the gloves on. Nicky and Gerry are talking about attitudes. She talks about that the house amplifies the way that she behaves, the sarcastic remarks and such. Carole succeeds and takes off the gloves.

Chanelle tells Gerry and Carole that she doesn’t want to be a WAG anymore. She wants to be something completely different. Nicky wonders if she should return any calls she gets from blokes that treated her badly.

Charley, Liam and Brian are talking about her fake eviction. Liam quickly leaves to the bathroom. Brian asks her why she was so angry with him last time when they had their argument. Liam leaves and asks if they want a cup of tea.

Charley tells him that he is entitled to his opinion. Brian tells her that he lost trust in her because of it. She doesn’t know why she was so angry.

Charley is bragging about her life. She says that the HM don’t know a lot about her life and that she plans to write a book about her life. She says that she is a good writer and she has got really good handwriting, as if that is enough to be a good writer. Gerry says that he will come to the book launch. Tracey is called to the diary room. She doesn’t like Gerry. She doesn’t like how Gerry thinks he is better than her.

Chanelle and Gerry are in the diary room and they talk about Charley’s upcoming autobiography.

Tracey and Charley are talking about Chanelle. Charley can’t stand that Chanelle hates her. Tracey says that maybe Chanelle is envious about Charley’s lifestyle and that she meets celebrities each week. Maybe it’s because Charley lies so much about her life and everything else.

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