Big Brother UK 8 Day 54

Charley is worn out in the diary room. She says that she doesn’t have any energy anymore to argue. She promises to be quieter.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

On Friday Night

Charley is hogging the attention of the camera with her words and presence during eviction night.

Brian and Ziggy are talking about Charley. They both dislike her.

BB has provided a pool table for the HM for Liam’s birthday. Liam, Brian, Charley, Chanelle and Gerry are talking about her fake eviction. Gerry has found that she is pretending and lying a lot about that night. Charley calls Gerry selfish and pathetic. Gerry calls Charley pretty bad. Charley says that Nicky wasn’t really her friend. Gerry says that she probably left because she was Charley’s friend. Charley says that she wants him nominated next week. Gerry tells her to go and suck her finger. Carole gets involved and tells them to shut up.

Eat shit, Gerry!
Charley to Gerry.

Ziggy is in the diary room. He says he shouldn’t have gotten back together with Chanelle. Ziggy tells Chanelle that he wants to leave the BBUK house on Saturday. He isn’t happy in the house. He wants to leave the house again.

Charley and Gerry start arguing again. He says that he feels sorry for her and her friends, showing their tits on page 3s. Gerry tells that he isn’t going to stop and let Charley have the last word. She tells him that he likes young boys. He says that she is slandering him and he doesn’t young boys. Gerry keeps saying “deal with it” and “shut up” to Gerry. They are fighting to go into the diary room. Gerry calls Charley a bully. Charley gets called into the diary room.

Don’t sleep with young boys and try and deny it you asshole!
Charley to Gerry.

I didn’t know that sleeping with 15 year olds is illegal!
Charley to Gerry.

Chanelle runs into the diary room. She feels ill. She comes out again.

BB tells Charley off for calling Gerry a pedophile. BB is forcing her to empathize, which she has problems it. BB wants her to tell this to Gerry.

Ziggy and Carole are telling Gerry off for keeping arguing with Charley. Carole tells them that he needs to be more careful.

Gerry and Ziggy are talking in the bedroom about Charley. Gerry says that he’s not going to take the abuse every time that Charley is upset. Charley comes to apologize aggressively to Gerry. Ziggy leaves the room. He informs Charley that sleeping with children is a crime. It’s called pedophilia. Charley wants to have an argument about apologizing, but Gerry just leaves. Gerry comes to the diary room to complain about Charley. He calls Charley a loose canon and she has a poisonous tongue.

Gerry and Charley are talking at the smoking area. Gerry tells her that she has problems with everyone but the twins. She needs to cool one. He tells her that she looks a lot better when she isn’t been aggressive and argumentative.

On Saturday

Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Ziggy and Carole are in the living room. Chanelle comes out of the bedroom and tells him not to leave the house. He finds that some people are really getting to him. He wants to try and see how he feels today.

Ziggy and Chanelle are in the shower together. Carole comes into the shower to warm up from the cold water outside in the pool. She gets naked and it’s a bit too much information.

Charley is called to the diary room and informed that her behaviour is being monitored by BB. BB warns her about her aggressive behaviour. BB will take appropriate action if she finds herself in another inflammatory situation.

She comes out of the diary room and cries a bit and makes it all about her again in another way. She’s got Samanda, Carole and Tracey around her. Gerry remarks on this situation.

Charley is talking to Tracey and Liam. Liam tells her the problem is the little things that she does, like the fact that she heard her name shouted and her name on banners. She keeps telling the other HM about it. She also pretends that nothing affects her, which is untrue as well.

Ziggy, Liam and Gerry come out to talk to Charley. I think that Gerry is happy to see some genuine emotion from Charley. Gerry tells her that it’s just a character or a persona that Charley has adopted in the house.

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