Big Brother USA S08E07 (CBS)

Last time, Jen nominated Joe to replace Danielle. Joe believes that he will leave this week, because he doesn’t think that he will have more votes than Evil Dick.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Dick tells Kail that he is aware that she is in an alliance with the young boys. This wasn’t the best decision. Kail again tenses her verbs wrong, using the singular instead of the plural. Kail decides that she wants Dick out. She talks with Danielle and tries to persuade her to vote Dick out. Danielle saw this and tells her dad.

She marshals her troops to vote for Dick. Dick confronts Kail. He calls her out in front of all of the HM. Kail made a tactically wrong move. He calls her stupid, transparent and a liar. She can’t be trusted. The other HM are avoiding this confrontation.

It’s like Dick has his own theme music, filled with electric guitars. Jessica finds Dick annoying to live with but she knows that she can’t trust Joe.

We meet Dustin’s best friend, Nate. Joe slept with Nate to get back to Dustin. Joe tries to get Dustin’s vote. It doesn’t really work. Dustin tells him that he will not vote for him. Nate is another nerdy young gay guy. He hasn’t got a high opinion of Joe.

Votes to evict

Danielle: Joe
Nick: Joe
Jessica: Joe
Dustin: Joe
Kail: Dick
Mike: Joe
Amber: Joe
Zach: Joe
Jameka: Joe
Eric: Joe

By a vote of 9-1, Joe is evicted from the BBUS house.

Dick won HoH and he will nominate Jen and Kail for sure.

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