Big Brother USA S08E08 (CBS)

Kail knows that she is the only one who voted for Dick. She wants to know why she was kept out of the loop.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Zach thinks that the alliance is over already. The logical choice for Dick is to nominate Jen and Kail. Kail comes to talk to Mike about the vote change. Kail wonders if there is an alliance.

I can’t stand the fact that some of the HM have a theme music, Dick and Eric especially. Amber is crying in the diary room again. Jen doesn’t care.

Dick confronts Kail about her two faced behavior last week. Kail tells him about her alliance. He’s thinking about nominating Mike or Zach as well.

Jen used to wrestle guys before. She wants to wrestle Eric. She is unprepared for the supplexes and kicks him in the nuts.

Nick admits that he has a top 5 men that he wouldn’t mind shagging. The other HM are a bit weirded out by this. He is bisexual of course. He talks to Danielle about this with her. Nick has got his theme music as well, it involves a saxophone.

Danielle leaves the bed and goes to talk to her dad. She is frustrated about Nick. She is conflicted between her feelings for him and the feelings she has for her boyfriend. Dick is being a good dad. She doesn’t want to do something with Nick, because her boyfriend has been the only one there for her for the last year. Her dad tells her that what’s in here might not be there outside.

Dick is upset that his daughter is so upset. He confides in Dustin.

Jameka has trouble eating her slop and Amber goes to cry about it in the diary room. Jen doesn’t know what she feels.

Dick says something about starving people in Africa and Jameka jumps on it. She doesn’t like that comment. She says that it isn’t him, it’s to inform the people watching. Jameka always has to mindful of the way she is portrayed.

After the food competition, the HM have a food fight. Eric takes the opportunity to stuff some pasta down Amber’s swimsuit. The HM didn’t know that sweetbreads were crab pancreas.

Eric has to help nominate Jen. Dick wants to nominate Kail and Zach. Eric pushes for Jen. Dick is looking at him doubtfully.

Kail is very conservative in her views but enjoys Dustin’s company.

Dick confronts Zach about his alliance and their strategy to vote out Dick. Nick talks with Dick about his part in the alliance. Dick is concerned about Nick.

Dick nominates Kail and Jen. Dick tells Kail that he wants her gone.

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