Doctor Who S03E10 (BBC)

Sally Sparrow gets a warning from the Doctor from 1969 warning her of the weeping angel, a statue at an abandoned mansion. When she returns to the mansion, she receives a letter from the past. She was there with her friend Kathy. The letter deliverer tells her that the letter comes from the past, from Kathy.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The letter carrier is Kathy’s grandson. Kathy is transported to the past to 1920. The weeping angel was moving behind Kathy before she left. Sally reads the letter. It’s from Kathy. Sally exclaims that this is sick. She finds more weeping angels in the top floor of the mansion. One of them is holding a key. They key to the Tardis?

She runs after the letter carrier, but he has disappeared. The weeping angels are looking for her. Kathy married the first person that she met in 1920. She tells Sally that she has to inform her brother about her disappearance.

Sally keeps seeing the Doctor and Martha on TVs trying to talk to her. She tells the brother that Kathy left for some work thing. Lawrence tells Sally that the Doctor is an Easter egg. He is on 17 different DVDs. She starts talking to the screen and the Doctor talks back to her. He talks about how time isn’t linear.

She goes to the police. She notices the angels following her. Each time she blinks, they move. That’s why the Doctor tells her not to blink. The angels are on the same floor as her. She meets a police officer who tells her of a bunch of cars that have been left outside West Drumlin’s house over the last two years. The detective shows her the Tardis. Sally doesn’t know that she has the key.

The weeping stone angels have surrounded the Tardis as Sally leaves her phone number with DI Shipton. Sally makes a strange slip as she leaves. She says that her name is Sally Shipton, not Sally Sparrow. DI Shipton looks at the weeping stone angels and whilst examining the angels blinks.

When Sally goes back to the police underground parking lot, she sees that the Tardis is gone and she can’t find Shipton. Shipton wakes up in 1969 to meet the Doctor and Martha. They have lost the Tardis. The Doctor explains that the weeping angels are a race of the abstract; they live of the potential energy of people’s lives. Instead of killing people outright, they just zap them into the past.

The Doctor asks Billy to give Sally a message. He says he’s sorry, but it will take him a long time. Sally gets a phone call from Billy. She finds him an old man in a hospital. The message is to look at the list of DVDs that she got from Lawrence. Billy put the Easter eggs on the DVDs. She phones Lawrence and tells him that all of the DVDs are hers. These are all the DVDs she owns. They go to the abandoned house.

She has a strange conversation with the Doctor. He explains that he knows exactly what she is going to say from a transcript he got from the future, a transcript that Lawrence wrote. That is why it looks to Sally like he is replying to her, when in fact he is not. He tells her that the stone angels are an extra-terrestrial race. They look like statues only when you see them.

(Doesn’t that create a causality loop paradox? If he is reading the transcript of what he will say before he said it, then that’s a paradox. Unless it switches into another quantum reality. Ah, hold on. I think that Lawrence is only transcribing what Sally says, not what the Doctor said on the DVD. Still, it begs the question of paradoxes in Doctor Who, but most of the time, they aren’t worried about such things.)

He tells her that the angels are as old as the universe and are a sort of lonely assassins. They are quantum locked. They don’t exist when they aren’t being observed. This means that when you look at them they appear as statues frozen in time. They can not look at each other. They want to feast on the time energy of the Tardis. If they do, they will put out the sun.

The angels are coming. Sally finds a way into the cellar. She sees the Tardis. The angels turn off the lights, so that Sally and Lawrence can’t see them. They manage to get in. An automated recording of the Doctor tells them to insert the disc into the Tardis to send it back. The Tardis leaves the two humans in the present. The Doctor managed to trick the angels into looking at each other.

A year later, Sally is working at the shop. She is still obsessed about what happened last year. She sees the Doctor stepping out of a taxi. She gives the Doctor her research. That is how he got the information from the future.

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