Doctor Who S03E11 (BBC)

The Doctor stops at Cardiff to fuel up on the rift. Captain Jack is running towards the Tardis. There are some problems. The Tardis goes to the end of the universe. And Captain Jack is holding on to the Tardis.

The scene cuts to some strange humanoids on a human hunt. An older man is doing some research with an alien.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

They find Captain Jack Harkness. He has no heartbeat. Then, he wakes up. He asks about Rose Tyler. The Doctor tells him that she is alive in a parallel world. Martha is upset about the fate of the Doctor’s companions. He says that he just left Jack in the past. Jack had to live through the 20th century, base himself in Cardiff so that he could find the Doctor when he refueled.

They see the human hunt and run towards it. They escape to a human encampment. They are on a strange rocket. And there is one traitor among the humans. The professor comes to get the Doctor.

Captain Jack has the Doctor’s hand in his backpack. The professor says that the things outside are the future kind, what the humans will become if they don’t get to Utopia. Utopia is in the dark matter reefs. A colony, a city, some sort of haven. The science foundation created the Utopia project thousands of years ago as a way for mankind to survive beyond the collapse of reality.

The Doctor manages to make the rocket function. They find the Tardis so that the professor can escape with them, when he fires off the rocket. The professor confesses that he hears drums. He has heard them all of his life.

The traitor tries to stop the humans from leaving. He is killed by the humans. The reactor is stopped from firing up. Captain Jack tried to jump start the engine.

Captain Jack asks the Doctor how long has he known. The Doctor replies that he has known since he ran away from Jack. Jack says that he realized it on Earth in 1892. He has never been able to die. Jack is a fixed point in space in time, which isn’t supposed to exist. The Doctor said that Rose brought him back to life forever. The Doctor said that the walls between worlds have stopped.

The professor is listening onto the conversation. Something is happening to the professor. Is he the Master? He has a watch. A watch of the timelords. He opens it up. His consciousness is locked inside. He has forgotten who he really was. He has been made into a human.

The professor opens up the watch. Yana, an anagram for You Are Not Alone. Professor Yana is a timelord. He has recovered his memories and true self.

The professor lets the future kind into the silo. He kills Chantho and reveals himself to be the Master. He takes the Doctor’s hand. Chantho manages to shoot the Master, but he gets into the Tardis before the Doctor can get to him. The Master is reborn. Martha knows the voice of the Master. The Doctor does something to the heart of the Tardis. But it’s not enough, the Master escapes with the Tardis.

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