Doctor Who S03E12 (BBC)

The Doctor, Captain Jack and Martha use Jack’s time hopper to time travel. Martha says that she knew the voice of the Master, and that it’s the voice of Harold Saxon, the new PM.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

He takes the opportunity to kill off his whole cabinet. Martha’s sister is working for Saxon. A strange reporter comes to warn Mrs. Saxon about her husband. She says that he appeared 18 months ago. Just before, they launched the Archangel network.

The PM comes in and reveals himself as the Master. He summons strange blinking machine spheres that hover around him. Mrs. Saxon asks Harold how much time do they have, if the reporter knew something. He says that the Archangel network is 98 to 98% certain. All will be OK in the morning.

The Doctor says that he locked the Tardis. The Master could only travel to its previous destination, Earth in 2007. Martha and Captain Jack both say that they liked Saxon. Martha starts tapping her hands in a familiar drumming.

Somehow, the Master planted a bomb in Martha’s apartment. Martha wants to warn her family. She talks to her. Martha asks if anyone has been looking for her. She talks to her dad, who warns her off. It wasn’t Torchwood that was watching the Jones family, it was Saxon.

The agents take the Jones family into custody, including Tish who is working at the PM’s office.

Saxon comes on the phone when Martha tries to warn off her brother. The Master gets a phone call from the Doctor. The Master is informed about what happened during the last time war. He was resurrected to do war upon the Dahleks.

But he ran away from the Dahlek Emperor. He hid as a human so that he could survive. The Master is talking about the drumming that he hears in his head, the constant drumming in his head. He can’t stop it. The Master is hunting for them already thanks to CCTV coverage through the Archangel network.

The strange machines want to run away, they ask the Master for the machine.

The Doctor explains to Martha and Captain Jack the legends of Gallifrey. He talks of the citadel of the timelords. He explains the origin of the Master. He saw at the age of 8 years old through a gateway all of eternity. That is when he went mad.

Captain Jack tells the Doctor that he is part of Torchwood. The reporter is part of Torchwood. She tells them it has something to do with the Archangel network, a global wide satellite network for cell phones. It’s through this network that he is controlling the world. The Doctor juryrigs some keys of the Tardis to hide them from the eyes of the Master.

The President of the USA arrives in the UK. He tries to take control of the situation because of some contact protocols of the UN. He wants to make the aliens land on the carrier, the UNIT ship the Valiant. Even the Master doesn’t see the Doctor and his raggedy band of companions. Martha’s family arrives. The Doctor stops her from interfering. They teleport to the Valiant.

The Valiant isn’t an aircraft carrier, but an airborne carrier, on which jumbo jets can land. It has a few runways and it protects the Earth. They find the Tardis. It’s been changed by the Master. It has become a paradox machine. It will blow two minutes after 8AM, two minutes after first contact with a species that the Master created, the Taclophane.

The spheres don’t like the President. They like the Master. The alien spheres disintegrate the President. The Master finds all of them, because perception filters don’t work on them. He uses his laser screwdriver to kill Harkness once again.

The Master uses the technology of the Lazarus project to manipulate the Doctor. He uses the Doctor’s hand to age him by 100 years. He has been placing pawns and traps in the Doctor’s path for a while. Tish wasn’t placed at Lazarus by coincidence. He opens a rift and 6 billion spheres appear. They begin killing 1/10 of the populations of Earth.

Martha uses the temporal hopper to teleport away. The Earth is burning. She uses it again. The Master is very happy.

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