Reaper Pilot (CW)

Reaper is a new series on CW. It will premiere on September 25th 2007. The show has been given the green light for 15 episodes for the fall season.

This show reminds me a bit of the concept behind Dead Like Me (Showtime). It is what we call a Bangsian fantasy, a show whose plot is partially or totally set in the afterlife.

However, Reaper is a lot more comical than Dead Like Me. I like the fact that they used a so-called looser to bestow the gift of Reaping onto. The premise is pretty funny as well; sorry son, we sold your soul to the devil so that I could get better!

The actors are pretty good and the special effects are great. The initial bad guy really seemed on fire and when he became a full fledged demon, it was pretty strange.

The supporting cast is interesting and I wonder if it will be picked up again.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Strange things are happening to Sam, a college dropout who still lives at home. He hears strange noises, and strange things happen around him. He doesn’t have enough confidence to ask Andy, the girl on whom he has a crush out.

He saves Andy’s life by pushing a falling air conditioner out of her way. He tells his friend that he didn’t touch it. He moved it with his mind. A bunch of dogs corner him at the store. He manages to run away. In his car, he meets the devil. Sam thinks he is a carjacker.

He is later told by his father that before he was born, they sold his soul to the devil to cure his father of a deadly disease. The devil made is so that they had a first born child.

The devil meets him and tells him that he will be a bounty-hunter for him, finding escaped souls from hell and bringing them back.

His first assignment is a fireman who keeps setting fires. He escaped from hell and is setting the same fires as before. Sam sees that he needs to prepare better if he wants to succeed. The devil tells him if he breaks his contract, his mom will go to hell instead.

Sam gets his best mate ready and they go after the demon, after they figure out how to work the vessel that the magical box from hell produced for them.

Any place that seems like hell on earth is actually hell on earth!
The devil to Sam.

They are able to vanquish the soul and Sam is able to control his telekinetic powers to save his friend. The devil is happy and gives him another vessel.

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7 thoughts on “Reaper Pilot (CW)”

  1. Hey, beautiful site. We have a fansite for Reaper, hope you’re still a fan? We’re discussing the show and keeping up with show news over at Reaper DMV:

    I’d love to link from there to here, since your recaps are really great. I’ll go ahead and do it; check it out and let me know if you want us not to! The link is under Season One, Got Caps. Hope to see you there, let us know if you visit!

  2. Hi Tom,
    Sorry if the photo was used without permission, but usually the photos are used via Flickr via Blog This or the download part. They include links back to photographers and a notice at the bottom of the post. If you wish to have this photo removed, please let me know. This site doesn’t make any money.


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