Bear Grylls’ Show Faces Allegations Of A Fake Survival Show

Self-claimed “Born Survivor” Bear Grylls faces allegations that he misleads the viewers during his shows. It has been claimed that he spends some nights in motels and hotels instead of facing the wild in his shelters. As well, a member of the production crew said that during the “Deserted Island” episode, the crew made the raft and disassembled it for Grylls to make sure that it worked before Grylls assembled it. He also frequently talks and directs the production crew, which he claim never interfere in the survival part of his show.

Grylls stars in the reality survival show Man Vs Wild where he is dropped into the wild with only a knife, a water bottle and some flint and expected to make it back to civilization. The show also airs on the British TV on Channel 4 and is titled Born Survivor.

The article from BBC:

Channel 4 is to investigate a claim that it misled viewers in a survival series, in the latest allegation of reality being manipulated on a TV show.

Born Survivor featured British adventurer Bear Grylls dealing with “perilous situations” in the wild.

But a crew member told the Sunday Times some nights were spent in hotels.

Channel 4 insisted Grylls was never billed as working entirely unaided, but promised to raise the matter with the production company that made the show.

American survival consultant Mark Weinert, who was recruited by Diverse Productions, told the paper Grylls claimed to be stranded on a desert island on one occasion.

He often directly addresses the production team, including the cameraman, making it clear he is receiving an element of back-up
Channel 4 statement
However, he was actually in Hawaii and spent some of his time there in a motel, Mr Weinert alleged.

Another time, he added, Grylls was filmed building a raft by himself, whereas the crew had actually put it together and dismantled it beforehand, to ensure that it worked.

And in a further episode, supposedly “wild” horses rounded up by Grylls had come from a local trekking facility, he claimed.

Further investigation

Channel 4 said in a statement that Born Survivor was “not an observational documentary series, but a ‘how-to’ guide to basic survival techniques in extreme environments”.

“The programme explicitly does not claim that presenter Bear Grylls’ experience is one of unaided solo survival.

“For example, he often directly addresses the production team, including the cameraman, making it clear he is receiving an element of back-up.”

The broadcaster said Grylls carried out his own stunts and did place himself in perilous situations, “though he does so within clearly-observed health and safety guidelines required on productions of this kind”.

“However, we take any allegations of misleading our audiences seriously and will be looking into this further with Diverse over the next few days.”

The series was originally made for the Discovery Channel in the US and was acquired for UK transmission by Channel 4.

Diverse Productions declined to elaborate on Channel 4’s statement, while Grylls’s agent was unavailable for comment.


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18 responses to “Bear Grylls’ Show Faces Allegations Of A Fake Survival Show”

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  2. Aussie Avatar

    givethe guy a break he provided entertainment to many,and it does’nt matter what part of the SAS he was in (with support or not could you do it),why do people always want to belittle a guy for trying,and woul’nt you after either covering yourself with a v.smelly reindeer skin or climbing inside a dead camel and covering yourself with equally smelly skin go and stayin a motel for the night.don’t be so bloody righteous.

    a former sf operator,want to check me out!!

  3. jason Avatar

    bear is a f**king fake and should be taken off televison for good and be thrown into the wild for good with nothing not even his knife and flint and see how well he actually does and maybe the bad advice he gave people on his show born survivor will come back and haunt him that f**kface

  4. Tracey Avatar

    Jason –
    Your anger over an entertainment show is incredible.
    We watch Man VS Wild, and are always entertained and amused with Bear Grylls.
    He shows people what can happen in certain conditions and how to cope with such.
    Bear does get out there – in the elements in not always the best environments – and shows people what it takes to survive if worse came to worse, and they were stranded in those situations.

    We’ve seen him eat live snakes & insects, build shelters out of lichen, sticks & moss and instruct people on how to purify water in the wild. He’s used dead animal carcass for valuable resources, including a sheep skin which he later used as a sleeping bag and a flotation device.

    You can call him a fake or whatever, but he is always entertaining and definitely goes the mile to show people what to do in extreme conditions.

    Lighten up and enjoy the show.
    We do.

    1. TraceyIsADumbWhore Avatar

      Hey Tracey, don’t assume you speak for everyone with this “we do” shit.

      While Jason’s little anger-thon was a bit over the top, the fact is Man vs Wild has staged a few…well crucial parts of the show.

      What if someone was to really take on board some of the “amateurish” advice given on the show and actually hurt themselves. He’s an experienced climber, but telling someone to climb down a waterfall rather than take the hour journey around is plain fucking stupid.

      You can credit Bear for drinking water from elephant shit, eating bugs, crawling through mud and wading through extreme areas, but completely taging “dangerous” fake scenes…such as the fake lava on the Hawaii episode and the supposed hunt for the ocean when he was literally half a kilometer from the road (here’s the video if you don’t beleive me ) is just absolutely ridiculous considering the amount of bullshitting he does. It makes you think, why would he do that? The answer is obvious…for entertainment. And that’s what this boils down too…it is entertainment, made for muppets who just want to see pretty stunts and bug eating.

      What really pisses me off is, is that he was having a bit of a cry about being lonely.

      The guy has 7-8 film crew with him AT ALL TIMES. Survivorman (Les Stroud) is ACTUALLY by himself, you just don’t get that sort of honesty and reality from Man vs Wild.

      Don’t get me wrong, i used to quite like Man vs Wild…but there is something really REALLY disappointing to find out he’s been staging a boatload of stuff.

      I’d much rather watch the real deal, than some guy “playing” survival and entertaining the stupid masses.

    2. XcitingStuart Avatar

      I agree, why is everyone so angry about this? Seriously, even if he did mislead people. Firstly, it’s adventurous and entertaining. Secondly, he has ate alive animals when most of us is too squeamish to try, jumped into ice cold water therefore putting himself at danger etc (Could die from shock even if the crew helped him) and so on. Thirdly, he doesn’t have to do any of this for us even though it gives us advice to survive. I enjoy watching your program Bear Grylls if you read this. And Jason, lighten up.

  5. Clayton Avatar

    Bear is a stud. He is very entertaining and an inspiration to a vast audience of couch potatoes. Anyone who takes information gleaned from a television show as cold hard facts and later rests their fate in what they learned without first studying to find the facts, deserves the consequences. I don’t always agree with choices Bear makes but it’s quite entertaining watching him torture himself. One way to skin a cat is with your teeth.I would rather use a knife, but how many of us would dupe our buddies into doing with their teeth for a buck. It’s entertaining!

  6. Tommy Avatar

    im pretty sure Bear would kick the crap out of you because im pretty sure that he was in the Special Forces for a good amount of time. He risks his life in most cases like in the Sahara Desert and 2 of his crew had to be airlifted out cuz of heat stroke. i bet u wouldve been one of them if u were out there so i bet if we left you out in the wild with a knife and a flint striker u wouldnt last a day and get eaten by a bear ironically enough. so shut ur face

    1. XcitingStuart Avatar

      Roflmao. Love your comment! I agree with you too.

  7. jared finch Avatar
    jared finch

    He is S.A.S. end of I’d say. Who dares wins.

  8. ettah Avatar

    you know no matter what you say ilove this guy to bits how many of you guys can do what this handsome guy Bear Grills does?He is an entertainer and whether he sleeps in a motel or hotelireally dont care.He is so special to me i would love a man in my life who can do what he does!!!hope his wife really apppreciate him cause i do you Bear Grills and inever miss your programme.

  9. range Avatar

    Hi, Bear didn’t run into any problems. His show continued for another season and will probably return for a new one this year.

  10. Dredd Avatar

    Jason sounds like he’s a bit jealous.

    I’m sure he’s got his fat arse off the couch and is out every weekend in the woods just to prove how Bear is “wrong”… [/sarc]

    As Sgt. Hulka once said,

    “Lighten up Francis”

    Bear rocks!


    1. XcitingStuart Avatar

      Your taking it a bit too far there.

  11. karl Avatar

    the allegations are false, in the Hawaiian episode you see him gather the materials and make it himself. He did not receive any help from the crew, this is evident because the camera did not skip.

  12. jody Avatar

    Man vs wild is a very entertaining show. They tell you before the show that some situations are presented to bear so that he can demonstrait how you should deal with it. If you think they are just going to drop him off in the middle of nowwhere bye himself, there not, its tv! Its not only fun to watch it is also very educational. He show you the tools to survive, a lot of witch locals have taught him that thrive in those enviorments! So if you like it why dont you shut up and have yourself droped into those places and see how long you will survive, that i would pay to see!

  13. tracey is not dumb Avatar
    tracey is not dumb

    His not a fake and I’d like to see you do what he does out there in the wild accusers!

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