Big Brother Australia 2007 Day 100 Finale

Aleisha and Zach are the only HM remaining and they have 10 hours left in the BBAU house. When the time runs out, the two HM see the ex-HM’s video footage. They are called to the rewards room and get to watch the daily show from there. They are told that the runner-up will win 20000$AU, a Fiat Punto, two phones and a trip to Vietnam. Gretel shows an update on the votes and we see that Zach is catching up to Aleisha.

Aleisha and Zach receive a personalized newscast from Channel Ten about what happened in the world while they entered the house 100 days ago. They see footage of Michelle saying hi to John Howard, the Australian PM.

The HM then receive news from home.

We get updates from the ex-HM. We receive an update from the votes; they are tied at the moment. Susanna hooked up with Thomas.

The ex-HM do a pantomime about life in the house.

Aleisha and Zach are split up and they meet their families. The families leave and the HM have to leave the house.

The votes are really close, within 500 votes.

Aleisha and Zach meet the other HM on a mini parade heading towards the studio.

Aleisha is the winner of BBAU 2007. Zach lost by 2%.

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