Big Brother UK 8 Day 55

It’s the 3rd time that the HM are getting the blaring alarm in the house. Charley is lying down in the caravan. Since she was asleep, she doesn’t get any lunch.

Chanelle and Zigs are at it again in the shower. Charley is talking to Tracey. She tells Tracey that she is being monitored by BB because of her bad behavior. Charley wants to go home. She won’t be surprised if she is nominated.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Ziggy is getting a massage from Samanda.

It’s the best fun you can have without a stiffie!
Liam about massages.

Brian is complaining about the mirrors in the house. He is self-conscious. He calls the house the Baywatch house because almost everyone is pretty, except Tracey and Carole. And maybe Gerry. He gets a compliment from BB about his looks.

Ziggy asks Charley what pisses her off. Gerry goes on about how nothing pisses him off anymore, a testament to his ego since Charley does piss him off immensely.

The HM have to produce their own TV show for this week’s shopping task. Last Friday, BB asked 50 members of the eviction crowd questions about the HM. The HM will be asked the same questions and have to have the same answers to win.

He 1st question is about who will release a #1 single. Liam says that it would be Chanelle and he guesses right. The next question is to Gerry and is about whom he wouldn’t recognize walking down the street. Gerry says Liam, the survey says Gerry.

Which HM is the most stylish? Brian says Charley and he is wrong. The correct answer is Chanelle. Charley takes the opportunity to argue that she doesn’t really wear that many clothes. Which HM will be the 1st to make a million pounds? Carole says Liam. The answer was Charley.

Which male HM do you most fancy? Charley says Ziggy. The answer is Liam. Which HM will be in the public eye in 5 years? Sam says Charley. She is correct.

Ziggy and Chanelle are in the diary room talking about the quiz. Brian, Liam and Charley are at the smoking area talking about the same thing. Charley is upset because she wasn’t considered the most stylish. She has hooker style, because she dresses so trashy. I read that she was a lapdancer before, a poor one at that.

Gerry is happy that the crowd decided that he won’t be recognized.

-Would you talk about philosophy with a hairdresser?
-And would he reply?
-No, but we would talk about other things.
Meaningful conversations between Chanelle and Gerry.

Carole and Charley run to the diary room when they hear a jingle. They become news anchors for BBTV. They have to wear anchorperson clothes. Both of them are wearing whigs. The HM get some news about the Spice Girls and David Beckham as well as some messages from their families. Ziggy tears are streaming from his eyes as he listens to his message. Charley got a message from her sister while she was delivering the news.

Ziggy got real emotional about his message and spent some time overwhelmed in the bathroom. Zigs and Chanelle are talking about their relationship. They both seem comfortable again together.

Chanelle can be quite seductively playful when she wants to. She is especially radiant when she is happy.

Gerry thoughts dwell on his family and how he isn’t going to get a message from his family. His family doesn’t like publicity and are more private. Charley has been crying as well about her message from her sister. Gerry says that his family is pissed off and angry at him.

Liam, Brian and Charley try to cheer Gerry up.

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