Big Brother UK 8 Day 56

The HM nominated this week are Tracey and Charley.

BB has sounded the alarm an incredible 13 times today to wake the HM up.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

During the BBLB show it was revealed that 6 new HM will enter the BBUK house. Some will become full fledged HM and it will be filled with twists and turns. It’s like the intruder concept from BBAU. Men and women will enter the house on Friday.

Some of the HM are in the living area.

Chanelle is walking around in the bedroom in her underwear and showing off her bottom without knowing. Chanelle and Ziggy are lovey dovey again.

I think that went quite well.
Ziggy after Chanelle storms out.

Gerry and Chanelle want Charley to leave the house.

Amanda: Carole and Tracey
Brian: Gerry and Charley
Carole: Charley and Ziggy
Chanelle: Charley and Tracey
Charley: Chanelle and Gerry
Gerry: Charley and Tracey
Liam: Charley and Tracey
Sam: Carole and Tracey
Tracey: Gerry and Ziggy
Ziggy: Tracey and Charley

Charley and Tracey received 6 nominations each. Gerry got 3. Carole and Ziggy got 2. Chanelle got 1. Brian, Amanda, Liam and Sam received no nominations.

Liam gets a message from his family. Gerry receives a message from a friend and his family. Liam leaves for cry in the bathroom.

Chanelle and Charley are arguing about the age of Rhianna. The argument starts getting nasty. Ziggy and Gerry walk out of the studio into the argument. They don’t say anything and leave the girls alone. They run off to the smoking area. The guys exchange some hugs outside.

Brian gets involved to try and shut them up. He takes Charley outside. Chanelle runs into the diary room. Gerry walks back into the house and hears the screaming from the diary room.

Chanelle apologizes to Charley. Charley doesn’t want to talk to Chanelle anymore. Chanelle just wants to apologize and leave, but just starts arguing again. She leaves while Charley starts droning on again. Samanda manages to calm Charley down a bit.

Ziggy’s dog Molly is in the garden. Molly is ecstatic to see him again, after some initial misgivings. He has to make her complete a dog obstacle course. She didn’t complete it correctly, therefore the HM fail this part of the task.

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