Big Brother UK 8 Day 57

Amanda doesn’t know what the nineties or the eighties are.

Charley has another row with Ziggy about cleaning up after her. Later, Ziggy has a row with Carole. The HM are informed that there is another 100000£ to win. They don’t really have any reactions except saying “Gosh!”.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The HM have to put on their own variety show. Brian, Liam, Carole, Ziggy, and Chanelle have to play instruments or sing. The other HM are appointed to other tasks by Gerry, the producer. Chanelle doesn’t want to play the violin. She is moaning about it. She doesn’t want to do it in front of the nation. Gerry is called to the diary room. Chanelle doesn’t like the looks she is getting from the other HM. Liam tries to convince Chanelle. He tells her she is selfish. She starts to cry. She goes to the diary room to cry and moan some more. It’s pretty pathetic. She says she wants to go home.

Ziggy is asked about the clothes he used to wear as part of Notherline. Chanelle comes out of the diary room and tells everyone that she is leaving. She has lost it. Zigs tries to make her feel better, but she is adamant that she wants to leave.

Brian and Amanda are talking about minced beef. Amanda tells Brian that meatballs are made out of minced beef. He is incredulous about this affirmation. He doesn’t even believe that there is minced beef in chili con carne.

Liam apologizes for calling her selfish, but she doesn’t get it. The HM are informed that Charley and Tracey are nominated. Charley says she wants to go home. She makes it all about her. Since Charley is up for eviction, Chanelle doesn’t want to go anymore.

Ah crap, I got no underpants on!
Liam to Sam.

Gerry is sent to investigate if Chanelle is doing her part of the task. He asks her a personal favor to play the violin.

Carole, you put me in a pregnant woman dress!
Chanelle to Carole.

Chanelle gets a message from her mom and family. Charley gets news from her footballer cousin. Charley didn’t understand the message. It had to do with which team he signed onto. Brian gets a message from his family.

Chanelle complains about the violin. She starts moaning again. Charley looks onward perplexed.

Chanelle, you’re funny!
Amanda about Chanelle.

Tracey is pissed off at Chanelle. Chanelle continued moaning and crying to Carole and Ziggy. She is hyperventilating. Ziggy looses his patience and swears at her.

Liam was first up. It wasn’t too bad. Nasty judge Tracey gives him 0 and nice judge gave him 4. Carole is next. She receives 6. Brian receives 5. I don’t know why Chanelle was so worried, she plays all right. She gets 7. Gerry tells Ziggy that they have arranged it so that Chanelle will win. It’s Ziggy’s turn. He takes off his shirt during his performance. Chanelle enjoys this. She squeals, “Oh, my boyfriend is a pop-star!” and “He’s gorgeous”. He gets 6pts. The HM needed 25pts in total to win the task. Chanelle wins.

I want you, I want you badly! I’ll hump you!
Zigs to nasty judge Tracey.

The HM pass this part of the task. They scored 28pts.

Chanelle and Ziggy are in the caravan. They talk about today’s events.

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