Big Brother UK 8 Day 58

BBAU phones BBUK. Aleisha talked with Brian, who seemed to know some of the Aussie contestants of BB. Brian talks about Emma and Bodie. This means that he was watching the show before he left. Either he is naïve or he is playing a game. He should have asked Pauline a lot more questions, he would have ousted her easily.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Carole says that she doesn’t want to discuss anything with Chanelle. She acts so childishly. She is talking to Ziggy and he agrees with her. This what about the situation with the violin, when she refuses to play it initially.

Liam, Carole and Tracey are talking about Chanelle. Gerry and Brian are talking about Chanelle as well. Gerry said that her behavior was unacceptable, but she is aloud to be human. Brian thinks that it is unfair that Charley is being called a slut, when Chanelle and the twins walk with their asses out and aren’t being called the same name.

Charley is talking about her footballer cousin to Liam. She is discussing football with Liam. She doesn’t know shit about football.

Brian doesn’t think that Madonna can dance. He makes a good show about it. Chanelle asks him to do it again. It’s like when Nicky danced in the house. Gerry is being challenged to a dance-off by Brian.

I tell ya, there is only lady over 50 with whom I would like to have sex with, and that’s Cher.
Liam to the HM.

Zach is tickling Sam under the feet.

Gerry is talking about vacuuming. They are upset that Charley isn’t vacuuming. They are upset that Charley doesn’t do her chores.

Zigs and Chanelle are behind the bath talking. Meanwhile, the argument about the chores continues in the living room. The bath is in the living room by the way, not in the bathroom. Ziggy gets into it with Charley and Carole. He calls her a twat. She is upset because people nominate.

Ziggy is telling off Carole for involving him in a row. Carole is all emotional. The mood in the house is that Carole favors Charley. Samanda don’t like her because she tells him to clean all of the time. Ziggy doesn’t like being told that he is thinks is a holiday camp.

Amanda and Chanelle have to tell the news. They are still going on about housework. Ziggy and Charley are still arguing. Gerry tells Ziggy that he should just let her go. He tells him to laugh because it’s funny. Carole looks depressed and like she cried. The news bulletin starts and Samanda get a message from their mom. Charley tries to butter Sam up a bit by hugging her. I think that Charley feels it that it’s her last week. Charley goes to the caravan to cry with Amanda.

Carole is talking to Liam about the whole situation. Chanelle tries to apologize to Carole. Carole thinks that Chanelle is a hypochondriac, because she is fakes illness. Carole says that she doesn’t want to have anything else to do with Chanelle. Carole says that he can’t deal with her anymore. Amanda runs away from the situation. Carole leaves. Tracey tells Chanelle to leave it, because if she insists, it will only get worse.

There is another TV contest called “Behind Closed Doors”. Brian sees his mom who tells him that she changed his room. Next is Carole’s house. It’s terrible, there are things everywhere. At least her kitchen is nice and organized, but that was the only part that was uncluttered. They fail this part of the task since they needed 8pts and only got 7.

It’s time for another newscast with Brian and Tracey. Brian takes this opportunity to ask her when her period will end. Trace gets a message from her mom. Carole gets a message from her daughter. The HM are informed that they passed this week’s task.

Samanda are in the diary room. Sam cries that Mandy loves Brian. Charley is teasing Brian about fancying Amanda. He says he doesn’t fancy her. Charley disses his home town and gets into an argument with Brian. Brian ridicules her. Charley goes to the diary room to vent anger. Chanelle and Ziggy are getting it on in the bedroom. I think they just had sex.

Some of the HM are in the living area. Liam, the twins and Brian are having fun together.

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