Big Brother UK 8 Day 59 Eviction And Quintuple Entry

Charley is the sixth person evicted from the BBUK house.

Davina reveals that there is another house, the half-way house where the new 5 HM will live.

The new HM are going into the half-way house, which is accessed from the storeroom. Charley received 85.6% of the vote.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Chanelle is pretty happy.

Charley comes out to a lot of boos. She screams at the crowd, but this only makes them boo louder. She poses for the cameras longer than any other evicted HM. Charley looks a bit shell shocked. Charley manages to believe that she heard a lot of cheers from the crowd. Davina says that she struggled to hear one cheer.

Charley sees who nominated her. Charley gets emotional when she sees Carole nominating her. Charley doesn’t even remember when she had the argument with Brian, when she really hurt him. This was why he nominated her.

She admits that she exaggerated what happened during her fake eviction. I actually believe that she fabulates large portions of her life. The difference is that she actually believes what she has fabulated, which is self-evident from the exit interview. She sees her most recent footage.

She starts to cry when she sees her arguing on the camera. But she doesn’t really feel bad, she has a bit of a laugh. Davina asks her how she felt about this. She was just concerned about the way she looked like. Davina is surprised, because she thought that Charley would feel bad about what she has said.

Charley thinks that she needs some anger management therapy.

The new HM are hidden in the crowd. Amy is a 21 year old glamour model who forgot to put on her underpants one morning. Jonty is a 36 year old museum visitor assistant and plays with teddy bears. He has never had sex. Shanessa is a 27 year old care worker. David is a 25 year old visual manager paganist. Kara-Louise is a 22 year old student, she sounds bi-sexual or overtly flirtatious.

Amy goes into the house in underpants and a revealing top, which shows off her fake boobs. Shanessa shouldn’t be as naked as she was. Her dress reveals too much, and she isn’t pretty to look at. The new HM are frisked and sent in. The new HM are sent into the half-way house.

The other HM heard something. They are gathered on the sofas and meet the new HM, starting with David. The new HM are informed that they are halfway HM. Over the next few days, all of the ½HM will go into the house. On Monday, the HM will choose 2 ½HM to join them as full HM. David is the first one into the main house.

Davina reveals that there will be further twists involved with the ½ HM.

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