Big Brother UK 8 Day 59

One of the new HM received the talk of doom of BB and one of them desisted of going into the house. So only 5 new HM are going in. 3 girls and 2 guys are going in. The oldest is 36 and the youngest is 28.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Carole is talking about condoms and sex in the bedroom, talking about the fact that she knew that some hanky panky went on last night in Ziggy’s bed.

Ziggy is talking to Brian about his situation with Chanelle. Ziggy says that he can’t to be out of the house to have some space. Later, the HM are doing the shopping list. Chanelle makes a joke about condoms.

Liam are joking about how Brian likes Amanda on the fish phone. Sam is their audience. Amanda orders some pink hair dye in the diary room while she delivers the shopping list. Ziggy says that he will miss her presence in the house. While they are talking, Chanelle walks into the house. Ziggy thinks that Tracey will go. Charley continues talking about Zigs little group, which includes the twins as well.

Carole tells Gerry off for sleeping and tells him to do the floors. Brian, Samanda and Chanelle are talking about Charley. They can’t believe the way that she behaves to other people. She slagged of Tracey, she tries to manipulate Brian into disliking other HM.

Gerry is doing the floors in the living area, when the phone rings. BB tells them that they will receive a call from the real BBAU house in a few minutes.

Liam is talking to Billy. Gerry calls Brian into the house. Zach is talking to Charley. Aleisha talks to Charley. Brian actually saw the show before getting into the house and talks with Aleisha. Travis is talking to Carole. Samanda talk to Billy.

Carole is telling to Gerry about the phone call. Gerry says that he missed an opportunity to talk to Zach. Chanelle is in the caravan with Ziggy in the caravan. She is dreading what they will show about their sex the day before.

Charley is upset about hearing people screaming in the garden to get her out.

The HM get a new task; BB will play two sounds in the diary room to each HM and identify correctly the HM. Gerry confides to Carole that he needs sex.

BB plays the noise of Chanelle and Ziggy snogging to Charley. BB plays with her and plays it 4 or 5 times. The HM pass the task and get their own personalized toilet paper. Liam asks Charley if he can have hers.

One of the twins sets some food on fire in the oven. Ziggy wants to chat with Carole. Gerry and Liam are observing their body language. She starts to cry. They talk in the bathroom. He apologizes for his behavior. He admits to being paranoid because of the whole Chanelle and Charley thing.

Gerry is in the diary room. He says that he will miss Charley if she leaves.

Tracey and Brian are at the smoking area and hear strange drunk songs about Charley coming from outside the house. When Tracey tells the HM, we see Chanelle bum in a revealing pair of underpants.

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