Big Brother UK 8 Day 62

Chanelle left the BBUK house, after a giant fight with Ziggy. It was only 20 minutes later that Sam discovered Chanelle’s goodbye note. Zigs cried in his bed.

Kara-Louise and David were chosen to become full HM. Kara-Louise started crying when her name was announced.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

One of the original HM will be elected by their fellow HM to go into the halfway house. This elected HM will choose another HM to join them.

It’s finally Shanessa’s turn to come into the BBUK house. Gerry says that she doesn’t look like a stripper, because stripper’s are sexy; Shanessa isn’t. He is talking to Tracey in the Caravan.

Shanessa is telling Carole that she has been stripping for 7 months but that she has worked in the sex industry for a while. Carole is talking about the sex industry and glamour models. Carole tells Liam that Shanessa has worked in a sex parlor. Liam tells Shanessa that Brian has a giant penis. Shanessa wants to see. Brian shows her his penis and she admits that it’s gigantic.

Chanelle asks to leave the BB house once again. BB tells her that HM who walk out of the house feel that they don’t get to air there side of the story. Ziggy hears that Chanelle’s suitcase is ready to be collected from the storeroom. Brian, Gerry and Samanda want her to stay. Samanda and Gerry are crying. Chanelle is getting what she wants; to be the center of attention.

Chanelle says bye to all of the HM. She talks with Ziggy, he says that she shouldn’t go. He tries to make her feel better.

Shanessa shows off her tits to the HM in the bedroom.

Chanelle is ready to leave, but decides to stay for a while longer. She comes to the garden to talk to Ziggy. Chanelle is in the diary room talking with the BB psychologist. The twins are actually starting to talk like Chanelle. Carole tells Ziggy that Chanelle is back again. Chanelle says that she can’t leave today.

Shanessa leaves and Kara-Louise comes into the house.

The HM and ½ HM have a group dinner party. Later, Shanessa does a strip-tease for Liam and Brian. It’s actually a lap dance.

Tracey doesn’t like David, she feels he is too intense. Liam tells her that David is always intense, no matter what he says.

Shanessa gets naked in the bedroom in front of Chanelle and changes clothes. She still has her top off. It’s not a pretty sight.

The ½ HM leave for the halfway house. They are talking in the diary room to BB. Amy is crying because she feels that they are about to leave the house. Also, she fancies Liam.

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