Big Brother USA 8 S01E010

After thinking it over a bit, Dick decides that it would be better for Mike to go. He talks to Jameka and Dustin as well as Nick to set it up.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Nick talks it over with Jen and Jameka and pushes everyone to vote for Mike. Eric has to campaign to get Kail out. Eric tries to talk with Dick, but he doesn’t really listen that much. During the conversation, Dick farts a few minutes in the bathroom. There is a serious discussion on who to evict. Eric makes a good point, good enough to maybe sway a few votes.

Votes to evict
Zach: Kail
Dustin: Mike
Jessica: Mike
Amber: Mike
Eric: Kail
Jen: Mike
Jameka: Mike
Danielle: Mike
Nick: Mike

By a vote of 7-2, Mike is out of the BBUS house. Dick takes the opportunity to badger Jen. Julie asks Mike about the taunting he did during the veto competition, which has been called by some internet fans the dumbest move ever. “The bonehead maneuver” is the one I like.

We see Danielle’s boyfriend. He isn’t too happy the way that she is behaving in the house with Nick, who obviously wants to get into her pants. There has been some under the cover action between them.

From the conversation we hear from Jen’s friend and mom, it looks like Jen is a lot smarter than she is portrayed in the house. It is part of her strategy to play dumb.

Amber has been crying in the diary room again. Dustin is the new HoH.

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