Big Brother USA 8 S01E09

Zach thinks that he dodged a bullet. Kail tasks Dustin to try and save her. Zach is challenged to streak to the pool. He says that he doesn’t back down from things. He shows off his assets. The HM steal the towel he wanted to drape around himself.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

He walks around naked in the garden. The HM locked him outside in the garden and made fun of him.

Kail counsels Jen on who to choose for the veto competition. Mike comes into the bedroom and wants to deal with them. It’s funny how the IR camera makes Kail look dead in the bedroom. Dick comes to talk with Kail.

All three of us is going to work our hardest to win.
Kail, making another fatal grammar mistake!

Kail’s mistake is lying at the wrong moments with the wrong people. The best lies have a part of them that is true. Kail just tells the opposite of the truth.

Eric must covertly vandalize the property of Jen. Jen wakes up, shows off her thong, and Eric gets to work. He pours mustard all over her top. Jen doesn’t understand why this was done.

Eric will host the veto competition. Zach, Nick, Jessica, Kail, Jen and Dick will participate. Kail tries to badmouth Dick. Dick tells Jen what Kail tried to do. He confronts Kail about this. Kail is the 1st one out. Dick and Jen are the only ones left in the competition. Dick tries to convince Jen to jump down, but it doesn’t work. The other HM try and make them loose their cool. In fact, most of the HM are working on Jen. Mike tries to work on Dick. Kail and Mike team up to try and get Dick out. She dresses him up as a girl. Mike pisses Dick off, and Dick walks off the competition. Dick tells him that he will nominate him. Jen wins the PoV.

The other HM have been using the HoH room for their own fun. Nicks asks Zach and Jen to leave so that he can just chill by himself. Dick sees this and is furious. He asks Amber to get the key from Nick and just lock it up while he does the dishes. He goes instead.

Dick thinks that Nick and Zach are in an alliance with Jen. While Nick and Dick try to clear the air between them, Danielle asks to speak with Dick. She will probably ask him to cool down a bit. She does. She tells him that he is on a power-trip. Everyone is upset at Dick and she has to deal with it. They talk about Nick. They argue. He makes her cry. She leaves the room. They need therapy and anger management.

He approaches her later and asks her to consider family counseling when they leave. Dick wants to nominate Nick, because it will help Danielle. Dick thinks that Nick is messing up Danielle’s life in the real world.

Jen uses the PoV to save herself. Dick nominates Mike.

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