Big Brother USA 8 S01E11

Amber has been crying even some more. Dick is paranoid about the extra vote that Kail got, which came from Eric. Why is he so paranoid?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Nick is trying to find out as well who voted for Kail. His new look makes him look very sleezy. No one has mentioned Eric’s name as the person who voted for Kail. Amber and a few others think that it was Nick. Dustin, Jameka and Danielle almost come to a consensus that Nick voted to keep Kail.

Dick is still going on about why Jen voted for Kail. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Dick thinks that Nick told Jen that the house was voting for Mike. Dick thinks that Nick is the culprit.

Amber starts crying again when Dustin became HoH. Kail has trouble saying resentment and towards in a diary room entry.

Dustin breaks down when he reads the letter from his brother.

Dick has a confrontation with Amber about how she considers her dog to her child. She loves her dog as much as she loves her daughter. Dick is very confrontational. He is putting himself is a bad situation. Especially when Amber is Dustin’s best friend in the house.

Dick plays a trick on one of the HM by rigging the kitchen faucet to spray water on the next person using it. He tricks Danielle.

Zach tells a story about a BDSM night at a comic convention. It alienates him from the others. Zach is trying to weasel himself into everyone’s graces.

I would rather have to eat slop for a month than spend an hour talking to Zach.
Danielle on Zach.

Dick keeps pushing the issue with Danielle, and she breaks down crying once again because she doesn’t want to deal with it in front of America. He isn’t mature enough to deal with the situation. Dick breaks down and has a cry with Danielle. By breaking down in front of him, Danielle is able to pierce the rocker anarchist façade that Dick puts on to everyone in the house and in his life. They hug.

Eric is flirting with Jessica. He flips her around a bit, trying to show of his dance moves.

The HM prepare for the food competition. Kail is paired with Dick, Zach with Eric, Jen with Amber, Jameka and Jessica, Nick and Danielle.

Jameka and Jessica choose Dick, Zach, Kail, Nick and Jen to eat slop for the week.

Dick teases Jen about her boob job. Jen keeps looking at her tits.

My mom has either double or triple my boob size.

Kail tries in vain to influence Dustin, but he is barely listening to her. Kail is looking pretty stupid in her diary footage. Dustin calls her weak, feeble, desperate and annoying. He plans on using her to the fullest.

Jen is talking to Dustin. He asks her about the extra vote that Kail received during the eviction. She denies voting for her. Dustin says that it’s like the mustard situation, when Eric sprayed mustard on Jen’s shirt. The funny thing is that Eric was responsible for both incidents, to the blissful ignorance of the other HM.

Eric has to get Jen nominated for eviction. Eric puts a great spin on it, saying that if they use Jen as a pawn, they can always get someone else nominated if the PoV is used.

He nominated Jen and Kail. Jen looks on stupidly, like a cow. She’s almost forcing the issue at trying to look stupid. From last week’s show, it seems that she is pretending to be stupid. If she is, she is a great actor.

Jen is having a cry about being nominated.

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