Bionic Woman Pilot (NBC)

This pilot was leaked on the 25th of July. This series will premiere on the 26th of September, following Deal or no Deal on NBC. The series is a re-imagining of the original series called The Bionic Woman from 1976-78.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Any series that includes Starbuck has to be good…

I really enjoy Battlestar Galactica. That is where Katee Sackhoff shines. It has been said that Sackhoff’s new role in Bionic Woman is similar to Tricia Helfer’s role as Six in Battlestar. She plays Sommers’ nemesis.

I enjoyed this pilot, it was refreshing and filled with action. It was somewhat predictable, but there were a lot of layers that were included. I have also read that they will be using a different actress to play Sommers’ sister.

Basically, Sommers’ gets into a serious accident and her erstwhile boyfriend Anthros replaces the amputated parts of her body with cybernetic implants. The people responsible want to use Sommers, but she isn’t easy to manipulate. Sommers’ meets the woman responsible for her predicament, Sarah Corvus, played by Sackhoff.

Sackhoff has gone mad and replaced most of her body with cybernetics. She has gone insane. In popular fiction, it’s called cybernetic psychopathy; she suffers from a dissociative disorder linked to loosing parts of her body to machines.

* * * * *

Jaime Sommers, played by Michelle Ryan, is a bartender struggling to raise her deaf baby sister. At the beginning of the pilot, we see Sarah Corvus, the original bionic woman, getting disabled by a team of SWAT agents after she killed a team of bionic scientists. Corvus is played by Katee Sackhoff, best known for her portrayal of Kara Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica.

Becca Sommers is angry at her older sister for leaving her when her mother died. Jaime’s boyfriend is Dr. Will Anthros, a scientist studying bionics and prosthetics. Jaime is pregnant. She tells her boyfriend. He wants to marry her. On their way back, they are hit by a truck. In the accident, Jaime apparently suffers from severe injuries. Corvus was responsible for the accident. She was driving the truck.

She is evacuated to a secret government facility. Anthros is a surgeon researching in bionics. Sommers looses both her legs and an arm. It is decided that they will let the doctor operate and integrate bionics into Sommers.

Afterwards, Corvus meets the man who tasked her with killing Anthros. Sommers freaks out when she is informed of the surgeries and when she sees her new legs. Her veins are coursing with anthracites, molecular machines.

The bionic team discusses on using Jaime. They agree on evaluating her. Ruth tells them that she is smart and loyal.

Jaime isn’t happy about being kept a prisoner. She is off to rehab. Ruth wants to know how Jaime is feeling. She is getting a psych evaluation. Jaime likes to draw. She draws a picture of Sarah. Ruth shows it to an agent.

Anthros releases her and convinces the bionic team to go along with it to manipulate Jaime, so that they can use her at some point.

The agent Jay wants to find out how Corvus is still alive. He asks the only man who could have made it happen. He is in prison. The mysterious man that Corvus reports to is trying to break out somebody from a secure facility. Corvus approaches Jaime at the bar where she works. While she speaks with her, Jaime’s ear and eye implants come online.

Jaime tests out her implants. She confronts Will about her new abilities. She asks him about Sarah Corvus. She sees Sarah shooting him. Sommers confronts Corvus. Corvus tells her that she was the 1st bionic woman and tells her about her bionics. She was the project of Anthros’ father and continued replacing parts of her body later on. She has got bionics all over her body; chest, eyes, ears, arms, legs.

The mysterious man has made the doctor escape from his prison.

* * * * *

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