Chuck S01E01 (NBC)

Chuck is a new series that will premiere on NBC on the 24th of September 2007. It has been picked up for a full season and will air on the same day as the critically acclaimed Heroes.

The show was created in part by Josh Schwartz, responsible for the O.C. and produced by McG, another O.C. alumnus, as well as the director of Charlie’s Angels.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This show centers around a young whiz kid, who was kicked out of college a few years ago. He settled into an easy nerdy routine, involving video games and computers. He lives with his sister a doctor and her boyfriend, another doctor; both are resident doctors.

Chuck is a science-fiction/spy show, with comedic elements. It’s been a few seasons since a concept like this was well used. Alias comes to mind. The production values are high and the special effects are impressive.

The pilot is interesting, with a good mix of action and hot babes, which should appeal to a lot of young men. It’s clear to see the demographic that this show is vying for. Men from 20-40. Sarah is a main character of the show and she is very attractive; the director takes this opportunity to show her at least twice in underwear at her apartment.

In one scene, “Sarah” throws a throwing dagger at a button that raises an emergency barricade and has seconds to turn her back when a Suburban is stopped dead in its tracks by the barricade. It is a spectacular scene.

This show is built among a similar premise to Reaper, where a young looser doesn’t who doesn’t know what to do with his life, and has trouble with women, is the victim of a life altering consequence. In this case, he becomes a national security asset and has to help the government.

Chuck is trying to escape from his birthday party with his friend Morgan. His sister and boyfriend have selected a gang of young available females for him, but he isn’t comfortable. They are all doctors.

His old roommate from college Bryce Larkin is a spy; actually a rogue spy, a spy for hire. Bryce freeruns his way out of the bad guys HQ. He gets shot and killed. He sends off an email to Chuck. The message contained a subliminal message. Chuck enters the right code to see the message and gets a series of images streamed into his brain. He wakes up the next morning.

He works in an electronics market in the tech service section. He is the manager of this section and starts recalling strange facts about national security.

At the Directorate of National Intelligence, they assess the damage. Bryce jacked a series of images which contained the secrets of intelligence patterns from the USA. Bryce was a CIA agent who went rogue. The computer in question was used to mine patterns in the agglomerated database of intelligence of the USA. These secrets were then encoded into images, which Bryce stole and sent to Chuck. The images contain secrets.

He comes home to find someone trying to steal his computer. There is a fight and the computer dies. They got beat up. The person who tried to steal his computer was someone posing as Sarah, a hot blonde who had trouble with her cell phone earlier. She was just doing some recon.

Later, he goes to buy a new lock and spots someone suspicious. For some reason, he knows that the guy is a Serbian terrorist. He freaks out and runs away.

Sarah is spying on him for the DNI. She wants more time to find out if there is a back-up of the files. Sarah goes back to get more intel on Chuck. She hits on him some more and asks him to show her around.

Chuck is getting dressed and Sarah is getting prepped; she puts on a Kevlar vest and takes some weapons. The date goes well, but the NSA agents want to take Chuck into custody. Sarah is from the CIA and helps him escape. There is a Mexican standoff on a rooftop and Chuck puts the pieces of the puzzle together. His brain is acting like a computer, recalling and agglomerating the intelligence into facts. A Serbian demolitions expert has prepared a bomb to kill a NATO general.

He is able to direct the agents to the place where the bomb was planted. He defuses the bomb. Sarah was Bryce’s girlfriend.

* * * * *

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