Eureka S02E03 (Scifi)

The sheriff is planning a birthday party for Zoe with the help of some of her friends. He sees Alison and asks her for coffee. She declines. There is a storm brewing. Jack’s ex-wife Abby comes by the office.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Carter hasn’t told Zoe that her mom is here to pick her up for good.

There is a problem at the special spa of Global Dynamics. It’s causing some weather anomalies and flash freezing.

Alison is jealous of Abby. Abby picks up Zoe from school and Jack storms in. Zoe finds out about the agreement between her parents.

Alison wants Henry back working, but Beverly has instructions against this.

The crazy weather was caused by the temperature drop. The temperature drop was localized around a cabin. The dead doctor was sleeping with the wife of the owner of the cabin, Dr. Whiticus. The alive doctor has been working on climate microwave technology. They found a giant weather antenna in his backyard.

Alison got an anonymous email. Alison finds out that Nathan has been studying her son. She confronts him. He sent the email.

Carter stops the storm. The weatherman was the culprit. He was tired of people not taking him seriously. So he used Dr. Whiticus’ dish to create the weather.

Zoe is going to be bounced between the parents. Henry is going to get into Section 5.

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