Pushing Daisies Pilot (ABC)

This is a new series. The pilot was leaked onto the internet on the 23rd of July 2007. This show was picked up for 13 episodes by ABC. It will premiere in September.

This is a comedy, mixed in with some drama. There are some Bangsian elements included in this storyline, as the main character can bring people and animals back to life. This show has a certain feel to it, a bit of Desperate Housewives mixed in with Amélie. The story is told with the help of the actor Jim Dale, the narrator. This series was created by Bryan Fuller, who also created Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me.

This is another Bangsian fantasy about a boy who can bring back dead people. He quickly learns that if he brings people or animals back for more than one minute, another life will be taken in exchange. He also discovers that a second touch from him kills for good. He learns this at his own expense when his mother dies and he brings her back. Chuck’s dad dies in his mom’s place. Chuck is a neighbor and a girl whom he loves. He is 10 years old at this point. His mother dies the same day again when she touches him.

He is sent away to boarding school and becomes obsessed by pies; his mom died the first time while baking pies.

This show is told in the fashion of Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amélie Poulain. The narrators are almost exactly the same; they are overtly descriptive and give the story a certain tempo, which is great.

19 years later, Ned is a pie-maker. He has a restaurant called the pie-hole. A while ago, he was in financial trouble when a private investigator Emmerson Cod discovers by accident the powers that Ned had. They came to a reluctant mutually beneficial agreement. Ned helps him solves murders and they split the reward. Olive is his tiny waitress. She lives next door from Ned and wants to bed him, but he doesn’t like to bet touched.

Ned learns that Chuck has died. He goes with Emmerson to the funeral home to investigate. However, he can not just leave her alive for 60 seconds; he leaves her alive. The trouble is that he loves her and can not touch her. In exchange, the funeral home director dies.

Ned discovers that Chuck was actually killed for some porcelain monkeys. They try and ask the travel agent about this. But she was killed in the same way as Chuck as they arrive. Ned touches her to find out who killed her. They get a little information, but she inadvertently touches Ned and dies again. He can’t bring himself to tell Chuck that he kind of killed her father.

Later, they find the monkeys at Chuck’s aunts’ place. Chuck goes into her old room and takes the monkeys. Meanwhile, one of her aunts comes up to get the metal briefcase, only to be strangled by the strangler. Ned comes up to check on the aunt, only to be strangled himself. The aunt isn’t dead and shoots the strangler with a shotgun.

The aunts solve the murder and get the reward and finally leave their home. Chuck and Ned discover that the monkeys are actually made out of gold. They continue investigating new murders as a trio.

* * * * *

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