The Kill Point S01E01-02 (Spike)

John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg star in The Kill Point, a new series on Spike TV. The show premiered earlier this week.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Honestly, I wasn’t really impressed by this series. The first two epsidoes didn’t show anything new in the hostage crisis situation series that we have seen in the last few seasons. This one doesn’t stand out. The only difference is the quality of the actors in this series. But that isn’t enough to make me want to follow it.

It’s a concept that has been thoroughly explored last season with a plethora of shows.

A crew tries to pull a bank heist unsuccessfully. They are cornered by an off-duty cop. The police were alarmed by an exec with his PDA phone. There is a shootout and the robbers fall back into the bank. Most of the people in the bank escaped through the back exit. But a good number remain. The money is lost outside in their truck.

The lady cop is shot up pretty bad, but the team’s medic saves her. The crew seem to be ex-soldiers. I see a few actors from The Wire (HBO).

Wahlberg plays Captain Kelly, he is in charge of the operation. Since the movie Inside Man, I don’t know how many of these hostage crisis shows there are. From The Nine to Standoff, most of them have been cancelled. How will this one fare?

The cops set up a command center. Snipers arrive. The exec who called 911 stashes a gun in a potted plant.

The lady cop is actually an FBI agent. The cops figure out that the opposition are soldiers. They let her out in exchange for some food. The exec is actually a criminal defense lawyer.

The deputy commish wants to move in. Captain Kelly tries to correct him on some grammar.

Ashley is a hostage and has been making eyes at one of the soldiers. They do a bit of show and tell about their tattoos. She is obviously trying to go for the gun. The sergeant stops them before anything happens. He sends her back with the other hostages.

The SWAT team moves in. The soldiers have placed booby traps. The SWAT team is forced to retreat. They have a man down.

The sergeant wants a face to face meeting with the Captain. He shows off his battle wounds. He makes an impassioned speech and goes back inside the bank.

Two bank employees are hidden in storage room. They were having sex when the robbers arrived. The sarge is Jake Mendez.

In his speech, the sarge asked for antibiotics. He gets them in exchange for another hostage. We learn that Mendez was court-martialed and plead guilty; he served a year in Leavenworth military prison (United States Disciplinary Barracks). He was responsible for the deaths of 16 men serving under him.

The cops want to get the kid out, but the kid is helping the crew to try and communicate with the outside. He is working as fast as he can. The police cut off the electricity.

The woman in the cupboard tries to pee.

Alan Beck is trying to pressure the cops to get his daughter out. He tries to bribe him.

Ashley tells the other hostages that they are going to kill a hostage. The SWAT team receives a message from the hostages.

The hostages freak out. The robbers have to subdue them. Since they weren’t going to surrender the kid, the police cut off the electricity. The sarge wants it back, or he’ll kill a hostage.

The sarge releases Robbie’s father. Robbie finishes programming a blackberry to enable the robbers to communicate with their outside source.

Robbie’s father talks with Beck. He gives Beck a message from Wolf. Wolf will contact him through email. The other man assembles another platoon.

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