Arctic Explorer Tina Sjogren Slams Bear Grylls

Arctic explorer and adventure enthusiast Tina Sjogren has slammed Bear Grylls in a recent interview. She thoroughly was flabbergasted by his advice on how to survive a fall into the ice in an arctic climate. Who is Tina Sjogren? The only woman to make it within a month to both poles in an unaided expedition. She climbed Everest too, unaided. Grylls was part of a large commercial climb and suffered from frostbite.

There are also problems with Edward Michael Grylls’ claims of being part of the famed SAS. It has been discovered that Grylls wasn’t part of the elite unit, the SAS 22, but the Territorial Army, SAS TA 21.

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Big Brother UK 8 Day 92

The HM have to do a movie about their time in the house. They have 3 hours to shoot, direct and produce the movie. They start by shooting the arrival of the twins played by Liam and Ziggy.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother USA S08E24

Amber believes that she is safe and that God will keep her in this house. I found the whole situation last week about her being a model was totally hilarious. She isn’t model material. Amber is in the diary room praying like a nutter. I respect faith, but thinking that God has a direct plan for her is not good for her. She is an emotional wreck

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Corporal Punishment

Contrary to Canada, Taiwan has a strange miasmic education system. There is a strange mix of different types of schools here, ranging from language schools to public and private schools. The quality of education varies greatly and the Taiwanese always look favorably on foreign teacher employed by their schools to teach their kids English.

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Big Brother UK 8 Day 91

Brian is starting the day with some cider.

Ziggy received a lot of negative comments from the outside world yesterday. BB calls him in the diary room.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
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Dexter Season 1 Review (Showtime)

Dexter is another great show on Showtime, the cable network.

I started watching the first season recently, after discovering that the first episode of the second season had been leaked. I researched it and thought that the synopsis that I had read were interesting enough to warrant a watch.

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Californication S01E03 (Showtime)

Another great episode from this new show on Showtime.

Californication is just getting more entertaining every episode. There are a few bits in this show that are worthy of watching again and again. In the beginning, the director of the movie Hank hates turns up. Hank has been sleeping with his wife for a few months to get back at him for ruining his book. Hank tells him this. It’s pretty entertaining.

[Ed. Note: New Post Californication S01E04]

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Big Brother USA S08E23

The HM are happy that Jen is gone.

Jen says that her prayers were answered when Jessica became HoH. Amber believes that she is safe, but Jessica says that she will nominate her. Amber thinks that Dick and Danielle will be nominated.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother UK 8 Day 90

Chanelle made a surprise visit into the house. Ziggy and Carole got a few minutes with her. It was good. The twins are wondering about a moth and calling it a beast.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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