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This morning, when my wife got up, I put the air-con on in the bedroom. That was a mistake.

We usually keep the air-con from the living room on at all times when we are home. It’s cool and powerful enough to cool us while we sleep. However, once she gets up and closes the bedroom door, the place becomes a furnace. I don’t like sleeping when it’s so warm, so I turn on the air-con.

I woke up with a clogged nose and a bit of a cold.

Right now, it’s past midnight and I just had some spicy soup. It made me feel better.

I think I spent part of the day with a fever, which isn’t good.

I didn’t have time to eat until tonight, which wasn’t good either.

Right after I got up, I sneezed for 10 minutes. It wasn’t continuous, but it didn’t stop. I jokingly said that my body was trying to “get the bad air out” of me.

I need an editorial assistant to post the stuff that I write on the blog. Sometimes, things just pile up. Most of the TV pilots I reviewed, I did so over the weekend.

I think that Chuck and Bionic Woman show potential. I’m not to sure about The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I enjoyed Pushing Daisies; it’s a quirky show which should be interesting to watch. The Kill Point wasn’t all that interesting. It’s a good twist to use disgruntled ex-soldiers as robbers, but at the end of the day, would you watch 13 episodes of these guys trying to get away from the cops? Not likely. The good thing for fans of that show is that it is on SpikeTV and will probably run it’s full 13 episode summer season.

The photo of that post is incredible. The blue of the ocean, the white of the sands and the bronze of her back are an incredible contrast.

I’m still sorting things out with the import permit people to get my dog over here. It’s going well, there is only a small thing left and then they will issue it. Then, I have to reserve space for him in quarantine. Then he can be shipped. I hope to have him here soon.

I managed to get Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for my computer. I also got the Shivering Isles expansion and Knights of the Nine. Plus all of the other official plugins. Let me just say that I do not enjoy using the keyboard to play Oblivion, or any other computer game.


On my 22″ LCD widescreen, it looks incredible. I have got loads of RAM and a good video card. This time, I wanted to create a different character concept, but ended up using the same because in the long run, the type of character that I use is just better. Magic users.

The new Ducati Hypermotard 1100cc. 11995 or 13995 USD for the “S” version.

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