Big Brother UK 8 Day 63

The ½ HM are joined by Ziggy, who volunteered to go to the halfway house. The HM had to choose a HM to join the ½ HM with no guarantees.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Zigs was feeling down since Chanelle left and decided to go. All of the ½ HM are up for eviction this week, but some of them will join the HM as full fledged HM. The ½ HM have a jack-in-the-box competition going on.

Chanelle is being interviewed on BBLB. She says that she no longer cares about Ziggy, after seeing what was said in the media. She believes he played her, but I actually think that he was genuine. Chanelle is just a too high-maintenance GF. She had too many ups and downs, she was jealous and mean at points and Zigs didn’t know how to react to this.

The HM are discussing what will happen next. They are discussing Shanessa. Ziggy, Liam and Gerry are talking about Chanelle. Carole joins the conversation.

Jonty and Kara-Louise are talking about relationships. Carole is in the diary room and says that she is pissed off at Carole.

Chanelle is telling Ziggy off for smoking. They are having an argument. She is upset because he didn’t talk to her. He says he tried and she didn’t want to talk to him. They scream so loud that Carole starts to cry in the diary room. She has totally lost it and screams her head off at him.

Tracey is in the garden and comments that no one ever said that Zach was treating Chanelle like a piece of shot.

One of my biggest mistakes was f**king you.
Chanelle to Zach.

Chanelle tries to get into the diary room. She goes to the garden and tries to make the other HM nominate her. When Carole leaves the diary room, she goes in and starts crying hysterically and says that she wants to leave. BB tells her that she should get some stuff and leave.

Half an hour later, she scribbles a note for Sam and leaves the house without saying anything to anyone.

Twenty minutes after Chanelle left, Sam discovers some pictures and a note that she had left for Sam. The HM investigate and discover that she has left the house. Tracey goes to the garden to tell Ziggy. The twins are crying.

The ½ HM are unaware that Chanelle has left and are playing with Jonty’s teddybears. Ziggy is crying in the bedroom. He gets comfort from Carole.

The HM have to discuss which of the ½ HM they want in the house.

Amanda: Kara and David
Brian: Amy and Shanessa
Tracey: Jonty and David
Carole: Shanessa and Jonty
Liam: David and Amy
Gerry: Kara and David
Ziggy: Jonty and David

They decided that Kara and David are coming into the house. Amy is crying in the halfway house because she doesn’t get to go into the house. Now Kara starts to cry.

The new HM come to the main house. David reads a message from BB. The HM have to choose a HM to become a ½ HM and move into the halfway house. Brian volunteers, but Ziggy is more vocal and he wants to go into the other house. The HM unanimously vote for Ziggy since he volunteered. Liam is the one that has the most difficulty voting for Zigs. Ziggy starts to cry.

Shanessa won the jack-in-the-box competition and won full HM status. She chooses Liam to leave the house to go into the halfway house.

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