Big Brother UK 8 Day 64

Liam is making good out of a bad situation by snogging Amy.

Chanelle refused to be on BBLB after appearing on BBBM with Charley the night before. She said that she never wanted to be in the same room as Charley ever again.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Charley does a little report on Sunderland. She was rubbish, she probably won’t have a TV show.

Brian and Tracey are talking about Ziggy. They heard his voice moments ago.

Ziggy is talking to Shanessa about Brian. She is talking about their willies. She says that she has seen two in this house already.

Brian is talking about Liam and Amy to BB. He is frustrated because Amy fancies Liam. Liam is playing with Samanda. Ziggy is talking to Amy; he is a bit frustrated because he is in the halfway house yard and he can hear the real HM having fun.

BB calls the HM together. In two days time, all of the ½ HM will face the public vote. There will be two more occasions for ½ HM to become full HM. However, some HM might become ½ HM.

Gerry is talking to himself again. He wouldn’t mind going on this week. He has been talking to himself a lot. He even gave lectures to his monkey in the caravan. He has been starved for intellectual stimulation and sex.

Brian, Liam and Tracey are talking about David and the sides of him that they don’t like. David has come into the house with a lot of opinions on the HM.

Each ½ HM has to become a human jack-in-the-box. They have to come out after 66 minutes. The one closest to the time will win full HM status. Jonty burps and starts to giggle. Ziggy has lost count and tries to talk to the other HM. Jonty farts and giggles.

The HM are screaming Ziggy’s name in the hope that he will hear them and that he will understand that it’s time to come out of the box. The ½ HM heard it, but Ziggy was too slow to do anything. Shanessa gets out of the box and gets full HM status.

Liam gets chosen by Shanessa to go into the halfway house. He talks with Ziggy. Liam says that David is big competition with the girls. They don’t like him anymore.

Sam is trying on Shanessa’s dress. She says that she feels naked. It actually looks pretty good on her because she isn’t fat like Shanessa.

I’ve had 45 days, I just want to have sex with her.
Liam on Amy to Ziggy.

Gerry and David are talking about BB. David thinks he knows everything. Amy and Liam have been flirting heavily. They want to lie down together, but the beds are too small. They make a bed in the common room with their mattresses and Liam snogs Amy.

The ½ HM are informed that Ziggy, Liam, Jonty and Amy are heading for the BBUK house. They will become full fledged HM. The downside is that they have to select four HM to become ½ HM. They chose David, Kara-Louise, Shanessa and Tracey.

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