Big Brother USA S08E12

Jen is crying in the bathroom. Dustin reveals his plan to Kail. He wants to get rid of Zach, through a backdoor. He nominated Kail as a pawn.

Amber tells Dustin that Nick comforted Jen. Dustin still thinks that Nick, Zach and Jen are in an alliance because those were the only three people who talked to him about the noms. Amber tells him that he might have to backdoor Nick.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Danielle, Jameka, Jessica, Dustin, Kail and Jen will compete for PoV.

Jameka and Kail talk about their faith. Jameka thinks that she has been ordained and chosen by God to win for Jen. She tells Dustin and Dick. Dick has the hardest time believing what she is saying.

During the veto competition, Dustin chooses to get a trip to Barbados and literally puts himself out of the competition. Dick found it idiotic. When Dustin was in the lead, he chose to get 5000$ instead of securing his nominations. Afterwards in the diary room, Amber is crying about Dustin’s behavior during the Veto competition. She found his greed disgusting. Jameka wins the PoV and her plan is to take Jen off the block.

Jameka regrets giving her word to Jen to use the PoV on her. Dick is talking to Dustin. Dick is upset. Amber is talking to Jameka that she is upset at Dustin for taking the money and the trip. Jameka’s theme music is an organ because of her faith.

God is so gangsta’

Danielle is talking to her dad and she is pissed at Dustin. Dustin is talking to Eric. Eric believes that Dustin made an ass out of himself. Dick confronts Jen about her tactical move during the veto competition. She actually gave a wrong answer so that the question would be eliminated and the veto comp would be over.

Eric has to say “I’d do that for a dollar” as a catchphrase to 3 different HM on five different days. He tells Dick about his plan to make the catchphrase commonplace in the house.

LNC is the name of the alliance composed of Danielle, Eric, Dustin, Dick, Jameka and Jessica. The only option left to Dustin is to either nominate Zach or Nick. All of them except Jameka and Danielle want Nick nominated. Danielle isn’t happy, she goes to cry in the bathroom.

Jameka uses the PoV on Jen to get her off the nomination block. Dustin nominates Nick. Amber is crying about the whole situation. Kail is surprised because Nick is nominated instead of Zach.

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