Big Brother USA S08E13

The showmance is about to be crushed!

Dustin explains that it was a house decision and the perfect way to backdoor move. Amber is crying her eyes out. Kail talks with Dustin.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Nick mentions to Danielle that she knew something about this. Nick is trying to talk with Dick. Dick doesn’t give a shit. Eric joins in. Nick sends Zach away like a dog. He apologizes quickly, but it was awkward. Amber is crying in Nick’s lap. Which is funny because she was the first one who mentioned backdooring Nick.

Danielle says that she tried, but it didn’t work out. Danielle confides in Nick that everyone thinks that Nick voted for Kail last week, which is untrue. Eric voted for her.

He brushes Danielle off. She wonders what she has done. Maybe it’s because she didn’t tell him that he was going to be nominated.

Nick makes a strange speech to Dustin, which prompts Amber, who is already in tears, to cry even more. Dick calls Jen a scumbag because she forced Jameka to use the the PoV instead of trying to get it by herself. This is because Jameka thought she was ordained by God to win the PoV and use it on Jen. Jen comes down to the bathroom and takes her anger out on Danielle. Nick is giving himself a Mohawk.

Danielle gets back to her and tells her that she treats Danielle like shit. Nick walks in and calls Jen a dumb bitch. Jen starts to diss Danielle’s boyfriend and Dick dumps a glass tea on her head. Nick tells Jen to shut up, because she keeps bitching behind Danielle’s back.

Eric is digging himself a hole with his alliance because he has to vote to evict Nick. Dick and Danielle want to evict Kail. Amber is crying again in the diary room.

Votes to evict
Danielle: Nick
Jen: Nick
Dick: Nick
Amber: Nick
Eric: Kail
Zach: Kail
Jessica: Nick
Jameka: Nick

By a vote of 6-2, Nick is evicted from the BB house. Ambers starts to cry again.

Amber cries again during her goodbye message.

I as talking by surprise.
Kail on Nick.

In an endurance task, Danielle wins HoH.

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