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From Sex in the City creator Candace Bushnell comes Lipstick Jungle, a series about three powerful women in NYC. Ring a bell? Unlike Sex in the City, Lipstick Jungle is a drama. The series will premiere on January 20th 2008 on NBC.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I kind of enjoyed this pilot. The setting was interesting and I like to see powerful women portrayed on the screen. I like how Kim Raver plays a tough as nails business woman who doesn’t back down from playing in the corporate world. Wendy’s character played by Brooke Shields has a different way of working through conflict.

All three women face different challenges as they try to excell in their positions. Nico’s ambition will endanger her position, while Wendy’s lack of tact with dealing with a director will create problems down the line. Wendy and Nico are married, yet they have problems with their marriages.

Nico’s husband Charles has almost become asexual and Wendy’s stay-at-home-dad Shane is getting fed up of being the nanny. As successful women, we see that these characters have chosen to put heir careers first instead of their families, which happens a lot ot men in the corporate world.

* * * * *

Victory Ford is a designer with her own label; her last fashion show wasn’t well reviewed by the critics. Nico (Kim Raver) a successful magazine editor and Wendy (Brooke Shields) the head of a movie studio called Parador Studios try to make her feel better.

Wendy is having a tough morning. Her husband Shane, who isn’t successful, is trying to start a restaurant. He is a stay-at-home dad. Nico is getting ready to launch the web version of her magazine. The CEO of the imprint is trying to take credit for the success of the magazine.

Victory goes to her studio and finds all of her employees trying to make her feel better. Wendy has to find out if there is another Galileo movie in works with Dreamworks. The CEO is trying to screw with Nico. His assistant came by to pick up her notes. Victory gets a call from a billionaire called Joe Bennett who wants to meet her. She agrees to go out on a date with him.

Nico is getting hit on by a photographer. He joins her in the bathroom to fool around, but in the end, she resists the temptation. Wendy has to fire the director one of her movies because he isn’t working out. Victory’s date sucks. The billionaire is always on the phone.

Nico’s husband Charles is a professor in antiquities. He doesn’t even notice the number that the photographer scrawled on her thigh before he left.

The billionaire is doing better, but still a bit strange.

Wendy has problems the next day.

Hector, the owner of the publications that Nico works for. He tells her in no uncertain terms that if she wants the CEO job, she has to take it; he will not give it to her.

Nico calls Kirby, the photographer. She goes to his apartment. Wendy buys some lingerie. She gets a call from Hector telling her that Dreamworks is starting to shoot their Galileo movie tomorrow and that they are flying Leonardo DiCaprio over in their corporate jet. Wendy is scrambling to make the movie happen. Wendy gets a call from Leo and makes a bold move; she retracts the offer for Galileo and hangs up. He calls her back immediately to say yes to her movie. She gets a text from her hubby telling her that he wants a divorce. She comes home and her husband isn’t home.

Nico has sex with the photographer. Victory has sex with her billionaire. Shane comes home. He was serious about the divorce. Wendy breaks down. Joe makes some comments about how women can’t make a billion dollars and how only the only billionaire women are heiresses to their father’s fortunes. She leaves in a funk and tells him off when she flies to Japan.

Victory is told in no uncertain terms in Japan that her last show was a disaster and that the backers have hired a Japanese designer to copy her old style. Victory isn’t happy. She is crying when Joe calls her. He sends his man in Japan to get her. His jet is waiting for her.

Wendy goes to the set of the movie and makes it sure that the director knows that he is fired.

Wendy tells her friends that she is splitting up. Wendy is in trouble; Bruno the director is filing a sexual harassment suit against her. The Japanese backers decide to work behind Victory’s back to do what they want with her product line.

Nico is going to Zurich conference with Hector. When the CEO learns of this, he wants to keep closer tabs on Nico.

* * * * *

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