Big Brother USA S08E14

Danielle won HoH.

Amber cried after the eviction. What else is new? She probably cried after she got out of the HoH competition. During the competition, they see a banner telling the HM that they loved Nick and that Amber and Eric are liars. Amber cries. Danielle thinks that she understands everything now. This means that Eric is shit out of luck, because Danielle will nominated him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

During the competition, Dick is talking smack about Jen and Kail. Danielle didn’t know if that helped, but she says that it makes him happy. Jen is talking to Danielle, trying to make a deal, after having called her a cheater. Danielle tells her to get lost. Jen tries to tell Danielle that she got information about her boyfriend from her dad. Eric defends Danielle in front of the other HM, which was a brilliant tactical move.

Kail tries to weasel herself out of getting nominated, Danielle doesn’t really agree to anything. Kail tries to solidify this meager alliance, but Danielle honestly doesn’t care. Dick is very proud of his daughter. Amber is crying again.

Danielle is upset because they could have had the votes to keep Nick in the house, since the eviction votes were only 6-2. Danielle thinks that there is a little weasel in the house. She suspects Eric and Amber. She asks Amber. Amber denies it. Amber confides in Eric. Eric is sensing trouble. Since he campaigned for Kail late in the game, it puts him in a bad spot. He is in a discussion with Dick, Amber and Dustin and feels the heat.

Dustin feels strange seeing all of the pictures of Danielle and her boyfriend, after Danielle seriously flirted with Nick during her time in the house. Dick is feeling emotional because of the pictures he saw of his mom. Danielle suspects Eric of voting for Nick.

Eric talks to Dick later in the kitchen. Dick doesn’t reveal what Danielle told him. Eric tries to blame Jen. Dick leaves for a smoke and is convinced after this conversation that Eric voted against them.

Danielle and Dick talk to Jessica about the weasel Eric. Danielle reveals that she will only nominate Eric if the PoV is used. Of course, she reveals this to Eric since she is very close to him. She tells him that they think that Kail and Jen are in an alliance with Eric.

Jen tries to weasel herself out of getting nominated, but it doesn’t really work.

America wants Eric to get Jen nominated. Eric is digging a hole for himself by continually talking to Dick. He is getting into trouble. He gets into an argument with Dick. He tries to turn tables in on Dick and gets screamed at.

Danielle nominates Kail and Jen.

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