Big Brother UK 8 Day 72

Gerry is still going on about Ziggy nominating him. He is talking about it with Carole. They are both complaining about Ziggy. Zigs goes to the diary room. He feels bad about the nominations coming out.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In the bedroom, Brian’s antics bring a smile to Amanda’s lips. Zigs and Carole talking about the nominations. Back in the bedroom, Liam and Kara are talking about the nominations. Liam tells her that he is really bad at consoling people.

Jonty is in the diary room talking about the mood in the house. It’s gone to the shits he says, because of the nominations reveal. Liam and Ziggy are talking about Tracey. They both like her a lot now, compared to before. Some of the HM have revealed to the others who they nominated since the beginning.

Amanda reveals that she is closest to Liam, apart Sam in the BB house. It’s funny that she doesn’t say anything about Brian really. The HM have a new task. They have to eat cheese to have strange dreams. If they dream about the dream sequence BB is putting together in the garden, they will pass the task.

Carole is bitching again about the cleaning while the HM are trying to go to sleep, as prescribed by the task. Some of the HM are already trying to sleep. Brian is still eating.

Naturally, Jonty farts and burps. The dream sequence is about Kylie Minogue, a clown and a hot dog doing a dance to strange music. Samanda had the same dream and did mention that they dreamt about a clown. Liam dreamt about a lot of people in white masks dancing in the garden. He also mentions clowns.

I thought that she thought that I thought that she thought that I felt awkward around her.
Amanda on Sam.

-What are you doing?
-Playing with myself. How about you?
-Me too.
Ziggy and Tracey in the bedroom.

Amy and Liam are still flirting. Kara is cooking, to Carole’s horror. Liam is talking about Brian in the diary room. He thinks that Brian changed because of Amanda. Brian feels that it’s been a weird week.

Liam, Tracey and Jonty are talking about Jonty’s sex life. Liam tells them that he lost his virginity at 12. He has been regularly active since 16. Amy and Samanda are listening to the conversation in the caravan.

Bothers, ya just have willies in your mouth!
Liam to Amy and Samanda.

Gerry is in the diary room talking about Ziggy and him nominating him. He says he felt betrayed. He has nothing to say to Ziggy. They haven’t spoken all day.

Liam and Brian are talking about Amanda. Ziggy and Gerry are talking.

She’s quite controlive.
Shanessa on Carole.

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