Big Brother USA S08E15

Jen is trying to make light of getting nominated, but Dick doesn’t like it. He insults her constantly. Eric is aware of a plot against him thanks to Jessica. He plots with Dustin and Amber. They will move against Dick and Danielle and sent someone else packing.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

He also talks with Jameka. Danielle made a tactically wrong move by confiding in Jessica, because she was so close to Eric. Jameka and Amber are talking about how things will unfold in the coming days. Zach tells Danielle that he will do whatever she wants.

During the veto competition, it happens that Zach, Kail, Jen and Danielle all have to wear a bunny suit for the next five days. Kail and Jen have to eat slop for 720 hours. Jameka and Kail both wagered that they would sit out the next 5 HoH competitions. The last part of the competition, Jameka, Jen and Kail after to wager part of the BB winnings if they win. Jen decides to wager 250000$ of the winnings. This is actually what Danielle and Dick wanted. This way, they can backdoor Eric. However, they won’t have the votes to evict him, so Kail will be going home.

Jameka is freaking out because she sacrificed to not participate in the next 5 HoH competitions and will not go into the HoH room. This means that she will not get to see anything from her family. Jameka is not happy with Danielle and partly blames her for her sacrifice.

Danielle and Jen are talking. She tells Jen that if she takes herself off, she will nominate Eric. She wants Jen to vote for Eric. Dick tells Jen that he is sorry for picking on her. He will lay off Jen if she lays off Danielle.

Dick is talking to Jessica about Eric. Jen partly thinks that Eric is playing both sides against themselves. This actually convinces Jessica to vote to evict Eric. She shares this with Dustin. He is flabbergasted. Dustin and Jameka don’t buy it, but Jessica believes it.

Jessica is split in the middle. America wants Eric to convince Jessica that he will take her to the final two. It worked.

Dick can’t leave it alone and confronts Eric later in the pool. Eric has got two nipple rings, it’s kind of kinky, or is it? Dick looses his cool and starts screaming at Eric. He is really upset.

Kail and Dustin want Danielle’s dad gone. It’s just crazy to ask someone to nominate their dad.

Jen uses the veto on herself and Danielle nominated Eric.

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