Big Brother USA S08E16

I feel my chances against Eric is very slim.
Kail once again having problems with verbs.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Eric knows that he only has 3 votes. Will it be enough? Jessica and Kail are the swing votes. Dick is trying to work on Amber. Dick is talking about a story that Amber told Eric in confidence. It’s something about her being pregnant twice but in fact she has only been preggers once. Dick has a way of storing away interesting information and using it at the right moment. Eric’s boasting to Dick just backfired. Dick is excellent at manipulating other people when he isn’t a stark raving maniac.

Dustin, the selfish bastard, wants to get rid of Dick. He is actually wearing his kingly cape. Amber is adamant about getting rid of Eric. She gets Dustin to promise to vote for Eric.

Amber confronts Eric about the situation in front of everybody. Eric looks on, stupefied. She is freaking out on him. Eric knows that the game is up. He must be saying “Oh shit”. Thankfully he knows not to put fuel on the fire.

It seems that Dick hasn’t been name-dropping, he actually knows all of the people that he talked about. We see a short VT about this. They all seem to like him a lot.

Votes to evict
Dick: Eric
Jen: Eric
Jessica: Kail
Jameka: Kail
Zach: Eric
Dustin: Kail
Amber: Kail

It’s official, Kail is out of the house. Danielle and Dick’s maneuvering didn’t sway enough people. This means that there is no deal between Dustin and Dick.

Dustin tries to pretend that he voted for Eric to leave, but that doesn’t fly for Dick.

Jessica wins HoH in a competition about questions on the evicted HM. Dick isn’t too happy about this.

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