Big Brother USA S08E17

The LNC prevailed last time and got Kail evicted. Dick’s maneuvering didn’t pan out and Eric is still in the house. Jessica, part of the LNC, became HoH.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Dick is antagonizing the other HM. He will probably get nominated this week. Dick tells Dustin that he is a liar and tries to confront the LNC about their behavior towards him and Danielle. He gets Jameka riled about because he says that he is more honest than the bible reading HM. The other HM gang up on him, it’s like watching hyenas fight over a carcass. Dustin and Amber get involved. Jameka kept clapping her hands in front of Dick’s face in a somewhat threatening manner. Dick tries to talk to her later, and she leaves again.

Danielle says that she hates being in the house and being with these people. Dick is trying to make her feel better.

Jessica’s brother and friend are in the marines in Iraq.

Dick and Danielle are strategizing together about the next few days. He says he will try to get himself out of the house. He will try and make everyone hate him.

Dick starts to attack Jameka and Amber. Both girls gang up on Dick and he pounces back. He knows how to push people’s button and riles Amber and Jameka up again. Jameka starts sprouting religious propaganda again. Amber is crying and praying to God in the HoH room.

Jen and Danielle are talking about alliances. They both feel that they are on the outskirts of the social dichotomy in the house.

When we walked back outside, there was two hundred guitars in the garden.
Danielle proving that she can’t conjugate either.

The food competition starts and there still is a lot of animosity between Dick and the other HM. Later in the diary room is crying again in the diary room.

Eric, Zach, Jameka and Amber win the food competition. Dick got the slop pass. He wanted to give it to Danielle, but she tells him to give it to Jen.

Zach dances in his bunny suit. He enjoys it a lot. He shows it off to the other HM.

Eric has to campaign to get Dustin nominated.

Dustin screams insults at Dick when he walks away. Dustin says to put him up. This gives an idea to Eric. Eric badmouths Dustin to Jessica to get him nominated. Jessica nominates Dick and Danielle. Jessica wants Danielle gone because she is a better player.

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