Big Brother USA S08E18

Dick is giving fatherly advice on how to play the game. He is pretty sure that he is leaving.

Jen walked into the HoH room to everybody’s discomfort. The LNC find her annoying. They are all watching Dick and Danielle. Dick gets ready to wake everybody up in the middle of the night to piss everyone off. Danielle is pissing her pants at her dad’s behavior.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

All of the members of the LNC go into the HoH room. In a surprising turn of events, Dick won the PoV. He won it in the last shot in a fear factor crocket match. Danielle was pretty happy. After the veto competition, he rubs it everyone’s face.

Jameka can’t take it out on Dick, so she targets Danielle. Danielle freaks out at the other people for blaming her for Dick’s behavior. Jameka gangs up on her and badgers her because she can’t handle Dick.

Later, Danielle admits in the diary room that it was part of her strategy to talk to the LNC in the HoH room. She also felt it at that moment. She still hates everyone in the LNC.

Afterwards, Eric gets his way. Having planted the seed of the idea that Dustin should get nominated, he fulfills his task as America’s player. He gets a new task. He has to avoid Jessica and give her the silent treatment. His strategy is to run into bed.

Jen is smarter that she looks, this was actually proven in one of the VT in past episodes. She plants a seed of doubt into her mind about Dustin’s intentions. Eric tries to avoid her but it doesn’t work and he fails his task. Jessica thinks that Dustin has a deal with Dick. Jessica is seeing conspiracy theories and thinks that Eric and Dustin have a deal with Dick.

Dick as predicted uses the PoV to save Danielle. Jessica doesn’t know what to do. She nominates Dustin.

Jessica thinks that the LNC has used her. She has major doubts about Dustin and Eric. The way they portray it, Dustin could be in danger of leaving the house. If America votes for Dustin, there is actually a real chance that he could leave the house.

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