Big Brother USA S08E19

Dustin is happy that he is nominated. Jessica has serious doubts about him. Eric lies his way out a tough situation with Jessica. He had to ignore her as part of his tasks as America’s player.

Zach cooks Jessica dinner to strategize. He says that will vote the way she wants. Jessica takes her top shirt off while talking to Eric, who has to campaign to vote out Dustin.

Eric and Dick talk. Dick wants to stay in the game and tries to make a deal.

Votes to evict
Amber: Dick
Danielle: Dustin
Zach: Dustin
Jen: Dustin
Eric: Dustin
Jameka: Dick

By a vote of 4-2, Dustin is the next evicted HM. He is totally shocked. Amber is freaking out and crying. Jameka goes to the bathroom to cry as well.

I love you so much, you have no idea!
Amber, crying again in Dustin’s goodbye message.

The HM a the visit from a barbershop quartet, bunnies, a human statue, a midget and a pirate. All these were clues for the HoH competition. This is totally against BB rules.

Danielle wins HoH again. Who will she nominate? Amber and Jameka most probably. Maybe Jessica.

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