Big Brother USA S08E20

Amber is crying like a dog in the diary room again, it’s pitiful. She should get some pills to control herself.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Jameka is upset at Eric because of his apparent backstabbing. Amber is still crying.

Danielle was very happy to be HoH again. Dick is pretty stoked as well. Jessica and Jameka talk. Eric behaved too slyly right after the eviction with Jameka, trying to fake make amends. It put doubts in Jameka’s mind about him. Danielle didn’t get any photos from her boyfriend, but gets a scrapbook letter from Nick, which Eric finds hilarious.

Amber and Danielle have a little heart to heart, but Danielle still has her in her sights. Amber has difficulty with big words, she needs to read more because she sounds like an ignorant hick.

Eric is too desperate and eager to please with the other HM. He has a talk with Amber. It doesn’t lead anywhere.

The HM play beer pong. Eric has to wear bootie shorts after loosing a wager. He then had to swap clothing with Jessica.

Eric has, aha, long slender legs, he filled the dress out very nice.
Jessica on Eric in her dress.

Jameka and Amber talk with Dick. Dick tells him that he made them hate him. He then proceeds to explain why he despises Dustin. The girls are still in shock about the eviction. With their two brain cells, they deduce that Dick, Jessica, Eric and Danielle have a deal going on.

The food competition is won by Zach, Jessica, Dick and Eric. As HoH, Danielle eats with the winners. They come back inside to a smaller table.

Dick has a little fun with Jessica and Eric, because of their apparent flirting. In the HoH room, Jen asks if she is going to get nominated this week. Danielle considers Jen a serious competitor and might possibly only get rid of her through the backdoor.

Eric has to try and get Amber nominated, as part of his task as America’s player. He immediately pitches it to Dick and Danielle. He gets the other to think about nominating her.

It’s time for the nominations and Amber is crying again. Danielle nominated Jameka and Amber. Both nominees are talking a lot about God.

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